Tehkummah Talk Talk and Times

The average person I’m sure, would scream and say what the heck are you doing here? Unfortunately this household is far from average, as this morning I just carried on a regular conversation with the toad, in the cats’ water dish, in the bathroom. You know my story; the outside door has weather stripping missing so the cats can get their arm in to open the door. I always know when someone’s been here, if the door is latched securely. Overcast Tuesday AM Susan is taking Mom to Red Lobster for her (late) birthday treat (Mom’s, not Susan’s), I’m going along for the ride!

Well what a lovely day we had together despite the falling raindrops. It did not in any way dampen our enthusiasm. Susan had a couple of pick-up stops on the way, a wonderful and enjoyable lunch/dinner?? A stop at the Bulk Food Barn; boy you can buy anything there. As it was, I did well, Susan did good, Mom did better! First time I had even been to that one. A stop at Freshco, then Tim Horton’s for a drink, and back home where we both won games of cribbage, but left Mom smiling anyway! A super day of togetherness!! In Espanola, we kept running into Mildred (Sauder) and Dennis. Mom and Mildred are neighbours.

Boy the food gets better and better at our cribbage games! Thanks this week Audrie, Janet, Pat (Norton), Mom and I. Wonderful to see Melissa and Rose back again, and Bill and Ruth (from Little Current). High Hands, and Audrie takes credit for dealing them all! Dorothy, Rose and Laura 24s, First Place- Eugene and Dorothy 951, second- Ruth and Bill 948, third- Pat and Laura 932, low- Del and Audrie 857, door- Edgar and I, (five tables this week)!

Thursday’s Euchre Tournament had nine and a half tables. Reta and Margaret on lunch detail and Margaret looked after the board as well. I wanted to see if I was needed and Leila Coulam was my partner. Incidentally we had low- 44, first place- Donna and Eva 83 and 9. Lone hands second- Sandie and Ann 81, third- Barry and Bill 79, fourth- Bill and Brad 77.

The Garden Shed had a fashion show on Sunday afternoon, “Cindy’s Fashions.” There were a lot coming to admire as we left. We stopped for lunch after church. Good to see Burt (Bosje) out and about once again. Elaine, Pauline and Wayne, Susan and Simon, Martin and Linda, Mom and I. Special people or they just make you feel special at the Garden Shed. Quite a few of the “faces” were ones we had seen the day before at the “English High Tea” in Knox United Church hall. Mom and I went in with Joan (Beard) and Betty (Russell), part of our Red Hat group. The hall was just beautifully decorated with the British theme done under the expertise of Brenda Reid, who is a Party Planner (great advertising to actually see it). Party favours, a small pansy, decorated the tables and a cute tea pot cutout with tea bag and verse attached. Toronto Gal Linda Lou brought her beau of seventeen years, and didn’t Henry propose to her down on one knee, I think elastic on the ring to slide on her finger!!!

Vendors out front, yard sale items, of course I can’t go by a sale without buying something! A nice afternoon tea, complete with English scone, clotted cream and strawberry jam, Eh what! Well done girls.

Lynda Garniss has a birthday, June 24, Happy belated!

Say this morning didn’t I see the first roadside Tiger Lily out (Canada Lily). Loads of Pink Lady slippers now too.

Anstice farm took hay off a week or so ago.

I finally got a few plants in the ground. I helped Ray put in a few potatoes Sunday morning too, Sunday seemed busy. Susan is grandma of baby ducklings, first hatched Sunday too. I stopped for a visit later in the day but they were already in bed. Mom skunked me one beat me three after church, later on I beat Cal a few he does my trick when he wins he calls a halt!!!

Well darned if a chipmunk just ran by with a cat behind it, got the cat outside, hopefully the little guy/girl will find the door and leave (I opened the back door). There must be a family of young ones! I thought I heard them in the brush pile out back.

Cole said the fox came wailing (made the most unusual crying sound) Sunday morning. I think maybe something got her babies. Cal said he didn’t see her all day!

I guess Ray’s mushrooms are finally starting to go/grow?

Tara put up another Pole hanger in the yard for me, now to get more humming bird syrup made. I see the wrens carrying food to their Conde this week.