Tehkummah Talk & Times

I keep intending to mention the lovely name plates on the Shepherd’s Hook at our Memorial Garden. They have been there quite a while. Since our Strawberry Social actually. Betty Jean donated the hook; Dick Bowerman did the routing and shaping, putting Mum’s and Reta’s name on them. Reg and Robert placed the hook securely at the garden’s edge facing the hall. Thank you all for your help in putting this tribute there.

Monday night, can you believe it? I missed bingo for pizza at Susan and Simon’s with Mollie, Pauline, Wayne, Sherry, Dave, Lance and Theresa. Lance and Theresa were taking Mollie back to Toronto for her flight out to Winnipeg on Thursday. We played Tiki, one game and eight rounds. Took a while with so many, but lots of laughs. A super evening again!

Every once in a while, I keep records on our cribbage games. Like averages usually over four games. Today, Mary was recognized with a few mini peanut butter cups and her score card back as an award? Last week 965 with Melissa. Skunks for the prior four games: Graham and Sheila got two Vidalia onions for four skunks; Janet and Glenn, Donna and Hugh, Edgar and Rita (lucky they live at the same place) got one onion for three skunks. High hand, Dorothy, 21; first, Janet and Glenn, 935; second, Bill and Betty Jean, 932; third, Graham and Sheila, 929; low, Lori and Rick, 868; door, Laura W Scott, Margaret McCarthy and yours truly.

Had a message when I got home, Loretta trying to get in touch. The Little Schoolhouse Museum is celebrating their Heritage Day, September 9. The SBCDA will be holding the BBQ.

This Thursday is regular euchre at 7:30 pm. The following week Bid Euchre is again on the schedule.

Tonight, Thursday, four tables plus one. Dorothy was in charge. High, Dave James, 80 and five lone hands; low, Janet Dunn, 45; ladies’ high, Anna Orford, 84; Barb Forth won on a cut with Dorothy and Laurence for ladies’ lone hands, 3; low, Jean Chisholm, 45; door, Pat Novak.

I’m assuming the fire ban is off? Now that the tap has turned, so has the season’s temperature. Good for sleeping lately.

I had a surprise visitor at my door today, friend Pat Falter hasn’t had so much Island time this year. She was heading for her seasonal home in Providence Bay Park for some down time!