Tehkummah Talk & Times

I have days and I have days.

My Tuesday was very special in a different kind of way. I didn’t wait at the hall for the happy birthday song, sung today by our faithful musicians Lyle Dewar, Gord Greenough, Wayne Smith and Peter Tilson. I did get to sing a couple of “winter” songs with them and read “a friend” card to all from Bev Lynch freshly opened from today’s mail. I had a reading of my poetry at the Wiky Nursing Home, and I sang my songs over again as well as reading from both of my books. Helen, the promoter and Ego builder (always) got some stories out of me as well. I loved the looks on their faces in front of me as I read or sang, and the positive comments. Front row, Irene, Dot, Doris and Helen. Juliane and Elnora further back, the only folks I recognized/met today. I thank Cathy for inviting me. She’s a beautiful young caregiver. A kind young man opened the box of books at the store too (Wiky). I was wanting a Women’s World magazine. Everyone I met today was so kind. The roads in places a bit iffy, so I apologize to anyone I may have held up by a second or two?

Checked in on Ray, still no venison. He was cooking hamburger with noodles, he should hunt under the bird feeders in the back yard here. By the tracks, you could pick what size you want!

Kim stopped in at the hall for a little visit on Wednesday. He had brought some books for the library. I had just mentioned it to Susan just minutes before the delivery! Steve had the only camp deer so far.

Susan had been giving a spinning demo just before I got there. I slept late and missed that, darn it! The coffee time and visit are always great and the “puzzle solvers?”

Tammy’s picture window is aglow with her lovely Christmas tree. The signs are beginning to appear!

Five tables for cribbage and, as always at half time, lots of great snacking food, even Timbits today! Two high hands, Laura and Marg C., 20; first, Ted and Ruth, 959; second, Betty Jean and Bill, 938; third, Yogi and BJ, 924; low, Cal and I, 818. We got royally (almost double) skunked too! Door, Patrysha, Hugh, Gib. Thanks all for joining us.

Two and three quarters tables of a very fun and laughter filled afternoon of bid euchre: high, Laurene, 184; second, Dave, 173; third, Pat Novak, 173; low, Pat Hall, 94. I spent most of my time going backwards (73 points up last two games), came out OK with today’s door prize.

“We must believe in luck for how else we can explain the success of those we don’t like!” From ‘1,000 paths to tranquility.’

Cleo could be noted as a moody or temperamental cat and she sleeps by my head or shoulders, but she must have a lot of compassion for her mother (me), as sometimes when I scream or moan with pain from my bones she’ll tap my face with her gentle paw; how sweet is that. I was going to make corn chowder for my supper but couldn’t find any creamed corn in the cupboard so I used one can of niblets too, had three of those started my onions and all, ended up making homemade tomato soup. It was so good. Called the neighbours to come get the rest of it!

I had a prairie chicken fly across the road in front of the car at the used-to-be Armstrong Farm. How are you doing, Fred?

Christmas in Tehkummah is on December 1. Lots of things, vendor lunch, to interest all.

Happy birthday Liz, 25th.

Hey, one should always look up! Today (Saturday) there are three lovely huge blooms on the Christmas cactus on top of my fridge. Hey, I wonder that I always have a sink full of dishes considering the fact that I was away from home. Last evening, I had supper with Sis Susan, delish chicken stew. Watched a Christmas movie together after.

I’ve started writing out Christmas cards. I send them for our Sr. U.C.W. as well.

Rain today, wet too!

Singing “Lucky, Lucky, Lucky me”, I’m a lucky son of a gun! Won the complete turkey dinner at the Knox Christmas Gala (complete with roast pan). What a lovely evening once again. The music under Marilyn Wohlburg’s excellent leadership. Was just wonderful. I’m so fascinated as to how they can hold their tunes/ on the two-part songs/harmony. The roast beef dinner was delicious. The page turner, excellent! Ending the evening with the beautiful ‘Slow dancing in the snow.’ Burns Wharf Players, thank you. Pauline also won a basket draw; wine and cheese won by Louise Marselle; Wolfgang won the door prize. Thank you all for an absolutely lovely evening, U.C.W. Our table, Mary Yett, Pauline, Susan, Sherry and Tara. Wasn’t the warm apple cider and those wonderful desserts great?

Hey, my birds have disappeared from the face of the earth. They must think spring has come. Even the deer haven’t been in to knock the seed out of the feeders. Our church celebrated communion this morning. Our music was nice. We have good singers. As we ease into advent, our church is nicely decorated for the season. We sang happy birthday to Kathy Hill today, and of course, we’ve been remembering Carol’s and Mum’s birthdays the past two days.

Next Sunday after church at St. Andrew’s is Little Schoolhouse Museum carol sing, an annual event. Everyone welcome, lunch is served.

Today, Tehkummah Hall was the base for the Island-wide Red Hat Christmas party hosted by South Baymouth Red Hatters (never remember the group’s name). Attending this year, I heard over 80.

My darn hip is out of joint again today. Ray moved some flower pots for me (I was going to) before the next snowflakes fall! Ha! Also, he told me to take the frying pan off the burner. I think it was his subtle way of saying ‘no venison’!

Sympathy to Betty Jean Bailey in the loss of her sister Mary Ann McCutcheon. Thinking of all in your sadness.