Tehkummah Talk & Times

Are my days ever without their blessings? How wonderful to be part of such a wonderful group as our Fairview Sr. UCW. We all enjoy our times together and appreciate each other. We have had new members added to this special group in this past year. Today, Tuesday, was our Christmas luncheon hosted by our president and her husband each year. We walk into a beautifully decorated home and are so welcomed even under the mistletoe! They must do so much carrying as we are all served in their downstairs beside the beautifully decorated tree, and we were served on lovely dishes. We were made to feel so special. Even my large plate of desserts (I brought some home) is special to the hostess. We call it potluck but they present most of the pots. Thank you so much, Lorna and Robert Russell. Guests today Borden and Joan, Martin and Lynda, Betty and Eric, Betty Jean, Norma and me. Our group shared a gift after a round of Christmas carols and a short meeting for year end. Some lovely gifts!

Wednesday, November 28 cribbage: high hand, lucky Pat Norton needed one point to count and also got to count 24 hand for a prize; first, Brad and Dorothy, 938; Margaret McG. and Lorrie, Graham and Sheila, tied with 935; low, Laura and Patrysha, 862. I figure we were going to be the chocolate bar winners today; door prize, Graham, Cal and Gib.

We hear Rick McMurray broke his leg slipping in the snow.

Sympathy to Mark Arnold and the family in the loss of his dad on Monday.

Right to my door taxi service on Thursday as I travelled with cousins Dave and Barb McGauley via Mindemoya where we picked up Joan Arnold and on to Little Current Funeral Home for Wendell Arnold’s funeral. Weston and Dawn did the service. Mark had written the eulogy. A luncheon and family time were held after the tribute. Sad though it seems, these occasions are often one of the times when we get to see relatives, not often met. Despite the sadness it’s always great with family. Sympathy to Mark and Maureen. I also met her sister Sandra and Jim Fogal. The grands, Lukas, Amanda, her hubby Bobby, and their darling daughter Sawyer. Cousin Linda and Randy and John. George and Nancy Arnold still haven’t got back to Toronto after hunting season. The Sheguiandah ladies provided the lunch.

I did get to watch a few games of bid euchre on Thursday afternoon, November 29, three and a half tables: first, Dorothy Cronk, 236; second, Laurene, 220; third, Dave, 207; low, Laura, 123; 50/50, Linda Bowerman.

Friday afternoon Dorothy and I went to the euchre tournament with Betty Jean. Eva Bond was my partner for the afternoon. We almost made the winners’ circle.

Always a fun afternoon at Knox Church in Manitowaning, eight tables: Betty Jean won the 50/50; I won the mystery gift.

Back in Manitowaning on Saturday. We went in for the tea. Linda Garniss just came through the door. I did win the salamander and cushion, I wanted it! Sherry has something too, but I’m having tea and I’m in my layzee girl chair, so, I didn’t have time to peek. Called Sherry to tell her she won!

Back to writing. We had lunch in town, did a bit of shopping, lots of visiting in Tehkummah first. They opened at 10 this morning. Lots of vendors, lots of shoppers. I did a bit of buying there too. Library books. Always pick up heavy stuff, ha!

We went on to Manitowaning with Sherry, Skylar and Rita. Then on to Little Current to shop at Barneys, just the three of us for the final leg of the trip and home. God, I’m long winded (I mean my pen is!)

Just switched on the telethon, I hope I get to see a bit of it. Also, switched back and forth so I could watch the Kelly Pickler Christmas movie too.

While I think of it, Christmas Eve service is at St. Andrew’s By the Sea, South Baymouth at 6 pm. That will come soon enough.

Jeanette said there was lightning in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The first candle of Advent was lit today at St. Andrew’s By the Sea, South Baymouth. After church we (most of us) went to Little School House Museum for Christmas caroling let by Lori Gordon and her guitar. A nice lot of voices for the blending. Lori brought in the humming bird (she said I won it, I guess I did in a kind of way. I won the bid on the silent auction). But win I did again today! I won the lovely cedar Christmas wreath in the draw at the museum. Anna won cookies, Joan B. won the lavender set, Val won the kitchen surprise basket.

I must check my lottery tickets. It’s been a good/ great/fabulous week!

A wonderful lunch was served after the music and some delish desserts. Thank you all for a great afternoon.

I heard that one of our sometimes cribbage players passed away on the weekend. Sympathy to the family of Buck Lovelace.