Tehkummah Talk & Times

My daughter bought me a pretty blue hydrangea plant when we were travelling together Sunday, April 7. I forgot to mention it in last week’s column and forgot to tell you about Red Riding Hood’s new car. My gosh, I love some of the new car colours this year.

I just about killed my pretty plant. I thought I was overwatering, but it was just the opposite. My, it’s a thirsty one. So many blooms, I guess more than 12.

You know how they say don’t start any continued stories? Well, I’ve never been one to watch soaps. I should never have watched the first episode of “The Village.” I’m liking the individuals’ problems and intrigue going on. I do continue to watch the “Voice” and “World of Dance.” They are kind of continuing stories, addictive for me.

Phone calls from both my boys this past week.

Joan Beard picked me up for our Sr. U.C.W. meeting at Pauline’s home on Tuesday afternoon. We had a lot of ground to cover. Our meeting was long in time but flew by as it always does when we’re together. We’re such a good bunch, if I have to say so myself! Lynda and I were supposed to be on K.P. but Pauline added much, and the refreshments. Well, I woke to the sound of music this morning, 100 blackbirds in the yard. My, hasn’t the snow gone fast the last few. I could sit on the bench now, but, I’d still be up to my knees in snow.

I finally got to see Sis Susan today. She hasn’t disowned me yet, but probably would like to.

This has been a week of learning stuff! Nancy Moggy came to Pauline’s on Tuesday and gave a sparkling talk on what she has seen/learned working at JD’s Garden Centre. How interesting to see how they got those little seeds into their rightful spots. We all got a plantling to bring home too, a petunia. Pauline has to keep mine alive as I forgot it!

Then Wednesday morning, Wendy gave a great presentation on their trip to “Guatemala”. What they saw, how folks lived and ate, and how they spent the $16,000 for building that they raised in that country, and they had 14 hockey bags full of things to share with them, as well. I think there were nine in their team.

We lucky folk live in a world where we have too much, and do we appreciate it? We certainly should! Thanks, girls, for your time, and most interesting presentations. A large group of women at the coffee time (one poor fella made a run for it.) Too much beauty, I guess!

So good to see more folk each week turning out for cribbage. Six and a half tables on the tenth. (It’s always fun?) The food was fabulous, too! Thanks so much. We had two high hands of 24, Cal and Florence, (one almost); first, Laura and Patrysha, 960; second, Georgie and Glenda, 950; third, Bert and Joy, 942; low, Glenna and Betty, 876; door, Hugh, Ruth and Glenna.

Looked at the clock, and it’s only 8:30 am. What am I doing up so early? The sun was shining, frosty again overnight. The sap must be running well these days. The robin was hopping out on the lawn, the blue jays are squalling, all’s right with my world? I guess it’s time to get my bench cleaned off for morning devotions and salute to the sunshine.

I have an argument with myself every day: it’s usually looking for my clipboard. The one I write my news on. How can I constantly lose it? Though when I look around here, it’s really not so surprising. Oh, well, I’m not about to change now, I’m sure. I’m guessing it’s God’s way to exercise my brain and body.

The Good Friday service is at Fairview Friday at 7 pm. Easter Sunday at St. Andrews at 11:30 am. Easter Sunrise service at Fossil Hill, (New England Road) is at 7 am. Easter egg hunt (ball diamond) is April 20 at 1 pm.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to all.

The robins are friendly, the weather is not. A new Cardinal at the feeder and some red winged blackbirds. They are so pretty. Also a few small rusty-backed birds and a couple of doves.

Pauline said they had a real “good” crew of house cleaners at the church on Thursday and Friday. Thank you all.

Bid euchre scores, three tables and one: first, Hugh Corbett, 236; second, Brian Sprack, 197; third, Pat Novak, 195; low, Dave James, 45; Hugh Corbett shot the moon; 50/50 Betty Jean.

Congratulations to all the volunteers who made the paper last issue. So pleased that there were “many” friends and that their recognition was there. To all the volunteers who keep the wheels turning in our communities. What would we be without you? Keep up the excellent work! Love you all!