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Survival of the Fittest

Nowadays, patches seem  badges of honour,

When they used to be our mark of shame,

When parents worked hard to maintain us

To try to keep up a good name.

The way that I now see it…

The harder our parents did try,

They may have been looked down on by neighbours,

If they had no money to buy.

We lived through some tough and hard times,

With struggle an everyday chore,

With large families to feed,

There always was need,

To keep that old wolf from the door.

Now I know my family worked hardest,

On our bit of land to keep us alive,

And I thank God today for those lessons,

That has given me strength to survive.

– Pat Hall

May 31, 2019

Dear cast and crew, to be transported to another place and time. There is really no way to put into words just how delightful ‘The Bakers Wife’ was. I keep going over scenes in my mind. The music, the facial expressions (priceless). The story, I lived it along with you. I’m sure this is the best story ever, though, I am also sure each year, when I return from one of your productions, I feel exactly the same way. This was amazing; the set and scene changes (many were unbelievable). Thank you all for your devotion to your art and for providing our Island with the “best” in live theatre. Keep up the fabulous work. “Love that Cat.”

We’re having a hard time to get moving here. It isn’t fun getting old, but come to think of it, some of my younger years weren’t fun, either! The hall is back on track. The floor looks great. I’m just sitting here holding the pen because it hurts to move, so I’ll just write? Lori and Rick were so excited to have a pair of scarlet tanagers this year after a winter of minimal birds, but one would wonder how they are withstanding the cold and rainy. I’m amazed at those little buntings, and are there more Indigo buntings? Everyone is talking about them. They come with the blue forget me nots. Skylar did some trimming of dead apple tree branches, and so I got a few flowers planted on Marble’s grave. Wednesday morning a call from my son Derek inviting me out to the property on Sunsite for a coffee. I guess I missed the social call on Tuesday evening. I went to Mindemoya to do my laundry. But Susan and Sherry were going for coffee. I am otherwise committed on Wednesday. My backup, Dorothy, got home from the Sault around noon. So, just in time for playing. We had six full tables: high hand today, Bill C., 24; Laura and Patrysha, 937; Doris and Sandra, 932; Ruth and Bill and Betty Jean and Bill C. tied for third, 924; Low, Donna and Hugh, 864; door, Sandra, Gib and Patrysha. Good to have Peggy Bygraves back. She had hip replacement over winter. Hugh and Donna just returned from a week away on a bus tour, travelling with the Espanola crew. Sounded like they covered a lot of territory. Sorry to hear of the death of Bert Whalen; he’s been one of our regular cribbage players over the years. And to read of Pentti Palonen’s death also in the paper this week. I always enjoyed watching the “dancers” when they were at our hall. So smooth.

Speaking of dancers, saw Fred and Carolyn (Tuesday) last evening at Mindemoya Grill and Chill prior to their instructing Community Living Manitoulin dancers for their part in Bluegrass in the Country. (This weekend).

If you happen to be driving to or by Home Hardware Manitowaning this week don’t forget to look at the acres across the road. Should be a showcase for wild pear trees blossoming.

Thursday evening euchre game. The crowd was small but what a lot of fun: men’s high, Pat Hall, me, 84; men’s low, Dave Mackay; men’s lone hands, Billy Jo, 3; ladies’ high, Betty Jean, 72 and lone hands, 2; ladies’ low, Dorothy, 62; door, Bobbi Jo.

I still haven’t seen Derek and Jodi since they’ve come home. I knew Saturday morning I was going to get a phone call and just seconds later it rang! Sounds like they are having fun. Kind of interesting, anyway.

They had Jodi’s Dad out for a visit. I had a picnic by myself at our beach Saturday evening. The water is high. I was glad to see the young folk back again with their smiling faces at Island Fish and Chips (my picnic of course).

Sunday finally caught up to Derek and Sherry and Dave for supper. Macaroni and taters, good. Watched some TV and home again. Jodi called while I was there. She was with her Mom in Elliot Lake; had just got in.

Eleanor, it does get better!

June McDougall was our minister today at St. Andrews. She had a sermon on tears. I really enjoy the points of view. She had Rob with her; he is still recuperating from a concussion (a car accident), and they were catching the next boat, seeing his doctor on Monday.

The front yard looks roomy. As the wildly spread smoke tree was pruned while I was at church. Lawn being mowed again by Tara and gardens being dug by Ray. Lots going on. The wild winds kept the bad bugs away. I had the most wonderful visit with Dick and Eunice after church, always so much historical information and maybe hysterical?

Talked to tired guys, too. One had spent too many hours on a roof. Take it easy!

Ross and Susan are back on the job. Sharon and Yogi filler-inners.

Hello to all my friends!