Tehkummah Talk & Times

The rain is raining,

The wind’s complaining,

The skies are darkened with grief.

If we ever find sunshine

Or ever see daylight,

It sure will be a relief.

– Pat Hall 2013

Ruth said she got her garden dug on Monday, just ahead of the rain. Isn’t that a good thing?

A Triangle Club meeting Tuesday afternoon. A nice crowd for bingo on Monday evening. Some of our Windfall (not winning, but Lake) friends are back in town. (Maybe they did win. I sit with my back to the most!!) It crossed my mind this morning I should have! Still none in, it’s deadline Monday, June 10. Did get the brush burned ahead of this rain. Ray helped a bit.

Tulips are lasting beautifully due to cool “brr” temps this year. Ruth Tarr has some beauties at her gateway. Susan and Simon have some pretty clusters, and the showcase at the roadway at the home of Janice and Pat’s, wow, very nice. Manitownaing Museum, too. 

I drove to South Baymouth for a coffee, forgot to check Huron Lodge! Everything else was closed. Lots of “no” traffic (Only one vehicle) by the way, I got a coffee from Susan.

Called K&K, interrupted their supper. He had left a message. Hey I forgot the tulip showcase at Mindemoya intersection. A huge (on and on) flock of wild geese. Susan figured they were heading south already. Last night a huge flock went over about 11:30 pm. Susan said she heard them, too. What’s going on? Are they just getting here now? Or are they heading back? (I wouldn’t blame them.)

Joan Beard brought me a lovely tomato plant (she said from one/seeds I gave her last year!) Can’t recall?

I mailed a card out to Helen O. on the 9th of May. She got it the 28th? I should have walked it over?

Six and three quarters tables at cribbage Wednesday: four 24 hands, Brad, Bobbi Jo, Bill McGregor and Betty Jean, wow!; high, Ted and Sheila, 944; second, John and Glenda, 940; third, Cal and Joy, 938; low, Gib and Florence, 768; door, Dorothy C., PJ Hall and Brad. Good to welcome Janet and Glenn.

There was a lovely little two-part ring found the day of Mindemoya’s U.C.W. event, not claimed yet.

I decided to go to Sandfield first, regular euchre. It was fun. Three and three quarter tables. They have a $10 prize if you are dealt three nines. You yell, “Who’s got the money?” It’s passed on. This continues on until the evening is over, and the last person who gets three 9s takes it home! Kind of fun: men’s high, Joe; ladies’ high, Sandie; Eva and Sheila shared $5 with four lone hands each, Rick got the nines; door prize, Joe.

This should have been in last week’s column: a monarch butterfly was soaring around the yard. It seems early, not much for sweetness to live on yet. 

Thursdays, seven and a half tables for euchre, a lot of fun too (Tehkummah at 7:30 pm): Five lone hands, Don Banford, won on a cut (3); men’s high, Rick, 79; men’s low, Hugh, 52; ladies’ lone hand, Shirley, 2; ladies’ high, Laurene, 92; ladies’ low, Dorothy, 48; door, Pat Novak.

A McSqueeter is bugging me while I try to write!

Went to the Garden Shed this morning for breakfast. Met Frankie, the owner. Kaitlyn and Shelly were on duty. Bought a few garden plants. Finally feels warm enough to plant.

Euchre tournament Thursday, June 13 at 7:30 pm in Tehkummah.

Two mornings in a row, coffee in the warm! Sunshine, a record so far!

I’m going crazy writing poetry, must be the moon or something. Called Derek this Friday morning. Caught him and Jodi in Espanola buying essentials. 

Did you know we have a princess in Tehkummah? I saw her myself with my own eyes. She doesn’t live too far from me, and she dresses like Cinderella going to the Ball. Very beautiful! Hey, the princess lives where my friend Helen used to. I was just talking to her this morning. Hello to all my friends at the Wiky Nursing home! Keep happy. 

How green is our Island?

Cal was in with a bit of news. Back in my chair at home after a trip to Mindemoya, stopped for a coffee and snack at Chill and Grill (do I ever get that right?) Beth and Marg A. were dining out. “Back to the wall!!” I joined Jackie and Gil at their table. They were sitting with Joyce (of the best butter tarts) the nice lady, the restaurant owner of….? 

Happy birthday, sister Susan, and you didn’t even have to remind me?

This is the week of blossoms, lilacs, wild plum, black cherry and tame. I’ll be with you in “Apple Blossom” time! The roadsides are glorious now!

Hey, Monday morning, and my AB tree is a show case!

Don’t forget the Father’s Day BBQ and music at Budd Park Sunday afternoon.

Travis, thanks so much for the tickets. Sherry and I got to Bluegrass in the Country about noon on Saturday. What with the sunshine and warm temps, it was an amazing full day. We closed it down. The Canucky Boys are entertainers! They had lots of dancers rockin’ up front. Did he write “Time, You’re no Friend of Mine?” What a song! The hugest crowd for The Next Generation Leahy. Lucky, we saw them two years ago, too. How great is this family? Seven fiddles in a line. How talented the way they switched off instruments and those dancing feets!

This is probably one of the most efficiently run shows. Music non-stop! One comment was how clean the grounds were, because we were mostly older folk? Yes, and they did have loads of obvious waste and recycle barrels. I love the mandolin and banjo part of most every Bluegrass group, right. The groups I thought were all super, and the music volume perfect.

We did have a good spot for viewing. I was not aware of the silent auction, so it could be mentioned throughout the day another year. Food venues and the cool spot (arena) had lots on display, vendors too. A wonderful day and friends. I met a crafty couple, the Robinsons. Wonderful turned bowls, etc. The man has only been creating for a year, but what an amazing display. She makes beaded jewellery, great stuff! Seward made turned bowls, etc, from wood, so interesting to me, the similarity.

One of the nicest weekends weather wise. Certainly, was great for Bluegrass in the Country. Sherry and I went back up for the inspirational part Sunday morning. Robbie and his musical assistants, all our old favourite hymns. Thought I’d remember the names of the next two groups. They were great!

Billy Moore. What a book, half read already. A young man gave his testimony on defeating drugs. I had tears, and I heard the very condensed version. Then Sherry and I saw him at Huron Sands Restaurant. Complimented him on his successful journey. He gave us the book he wrote, and I’m absolutely sure it can help us in some way to understand. Thank you so much. We also saw Dan and Mariette Miflin, there who claim they have never missed a Bluegrass in the Country, and it’s the tenth year. Better every year, they say.