Tehkummah Talk & Times

Everything is getting to be such an effort. I puff and snort, so it seems.

I just had the most delicious whitefish for my breakfast from the Purvis truck yesterday in Mindemoya.

This is Saturday already, 9:30, and I don’t have my cake made yet for tonight’s Strawberry Social at the Hall. I want to go to Ward’s yard yet and pick some perennial sweet peas for the tables. I have done that ever since Joyce Ward’s passing, in her memory; always did, but I’m thinking this might be my last year, too? Lorna called last evening to say they had everything set up at the Hall. She woke me up. I was having a good snooze in my lazy girl chair. I had done the market in the morning and after went to Mindemoya to do some laundry. I did have my good favourite burger at Grill and Chill too. Girls/waitresses know what I want! Smiling faces there as well as Pierside the evening before when Emma Berti waited on me. I forgot sometimes what I intended to write. Good memory, just short. 

The little wrens are so happy and cheerful. The robins are on their third family, already, yet. My coffee’s almost gone, and my back seems to be easing up. I just realized I forgot my pills, so… I’m glad my dream came with hawberries last week, sounded so much better! It’s good sometimes, they can’t read my writing, I’m thinking!

Betty Jean popped in last evening for a minute or two. She had taken in the Sandfield Strawberry Social. I hadn’t dozed back to sleep yet from Lorna’s wake up call.

Noted the roadsides now have added trefoil, purple vetch, fireweed, loads of lovely daisies, cornflowers, brown eyed Suzies, wild lupin? Milkweed and butterflies!

Frustration city!! Pauline calls and I’m all in a tither, a pull tab on the pineapple can, no less! Arthritis and numb fingers didn’t do it, and can opener won’t cut properly, but, finally my cake is in the oven, 10:30 am.

From one minute to the next one never knows what surprise is in store. I had got my cake in the car, the flowers cut, when Jodi and Derek came along, so they helped me do flowers and test the berries and carry stuff. We went to the Garden Shed for a coffee, also had poutine added and fresh bread doughnuts. Excellent. And the bonus was an update on my kids’ building, which I am saying they should be journaling as it sounds hilarious at times. Jase gave me a demo of him wheeling the wheelbarrow of cement and the new 2 X 4 handles it ended up with. Jase is at least 6’ 6”, one tall boy. His Mom and Dad, Lori and Rick are so glad to have him home (3 years), but his back was sore. That was yesterday at the Market. He had helped at Sunsite on Thursday.

Flat on my back, 10 to 10. We had a nice crowd of folks for our Strawberry Social. Even though we charged $8 for a good bowlful and all the coffee, tea or juice you wanted, there seemed to be a lot of water drinkers and so many of you gave us $10 or $20 and said keep the change. We saw some new faces this year, and we welcome you. Some of our regulars, we missed you. We had four angels serving and that’s a first! So, thanks for our supporters. Say, doesn’t the Hall lawn look great, too?

Pauline’s and Wayne’s daughter, Christine, Dave, their son Wayne and a couple of youngsters were here on the Island. Happy anniversary Pauline and Wayne, 14th of July.

Saw a picture (on camera) of grandma Valerie holding new baby Emily Dawn. They made it west!

The spiders were having a convention on the ceiling above me. They sent one down on the spider elevator to see what I was reading. I would have yelled up and told them instead of just yelling. But it worked, as I scared him back up. I’m sure I sleep with my mouth open, too. You know how sometimes you have a strange taste in your mouth when you wake in the morning? I wonder? Just looked up. I think they were planning on serving lunch. Wraps, I’m assuming, but the moth got away.

Sunday, well I’m down again, a short spasm. I rested after the bingo, got up, started carrying some water. Ray asks if I’ve eaten? They had some delicious leftovers from their supper. Ribs, corn and salad. So, we finished the watering later. I did go to church and took in the bingo, as well. I did win $20. So, I’m down the amount I usually am after regular bingo.

Sherry called Sunday, July 14, said there was a bad accident at Gore Bay corner, just as they got there last evening. They were going for Alisha’s birthday party, Tara also went up after work. Happy birthday. June McDougall was our minister today. She does a great sermon. I had almost worn my feather earrings today, too. Quite a few years back there was a large white fluffy feather on the middle of my bed! I do not know what I did with it? Or where it came from? But, I do believe in signs and angels.

Monday evening Derek, Jodi and Tristan took me to Carol’s and Earl’s for supper. We had a nice visit. They needed a change of diet, too, and a change of pace.

Wednesday. You just never know what I am going to see. 6:30 am I have a perfect elephant outside my window when I open my eyes, tail down, trunk up. Good luck. Hey, he’s dissipated in a minute but beautiful up there in the blue. Speaking about Heaven (I was, wasn’t I?) Near the smoke tree, in the front yard I have one candles of heaven blooming. But, a drive back to camp garden Tuesday I should have had a camera for a Facebook photo! I counted almost 100 in glorious bloom! What a show; they are everywhere now! And the perennial sweet peas on the other road, seem to be dying out. Lots of oregano (butterflies love it) and lambs ear. Neglected gardens do their thing! I’m sure the wet year has helped a lot. I’ve already got too many pages. Last week’s early deadline and a run-away pen. 

This week’s foccacia bread morning. Noon at the Hall: cribbage set up. Eight full tables! Fabulous lunch; thanks everyone. Pat Norton met a new best friend in the parking lot from Port Elgin, staying at the conference centre in Little Current. They read my column about cribbage, took in the turkey supper at Knox after, then came back to Sandfield for euchre, so I think first impressions of our Island were satisfactory! Nice folk, Dan and Nancy Blacklock, Beverly Hill too. We played cards against today, spent Tuesday grinding down stone!? High hand, Dorothy, 24; Sandra and Doris, 963; Laura and Pat, 939; tied for third, 938; Lori and Rick and Ted and Ruth; low, 812, Dorothy A and Joy; door, wooden heart, Gib and Ruth McG.

Pat Norton, our fairy godmother transported us to the most delicious turkey supper. So good to see the last year folk, working their buns off, too. Ruth Webster, Liz Greer and new faces, and I can’t say old faces, can I? Or old faithfuls! Great.

Little update on Winnie, she was a poppy puppy. John and Sharon Savage, she’s keeping well, and she is 12? Now off to Sandfield with my taxi driver in the Magic Pumpkin: ladies’ high, 92, Irene, five lone hands; men’s high, Rick, 79 and five lone hands; 50/50, Dave J; 3-9’s, who’s got the cash, Joe Arnold! Betty Jean transported me to the Tehkummah parking lot to pick up my car. Home writing, 11:30 pm, our table for supper: Lori and Rick, his birthday, July 17; Janet and Glenn, Hugh, Laura, myself and thanks, Pat. So much! God blesses.

Here it is Sunday afternoon and I’m way behind on news (or is it?) coverage. I just took in the three artists’ works at South Bay.

The re-inspired David Migwans, hand-made pottery. Sudbury artist, Christy Smith’s lovely watercolours and other medium resident artist, Jane Woodbury. I like her choice of inspiring music, too. All lovely people, beautiful works.

I was alone, going for lunch after church today but met Sheila McKenzie and her daughter Tammy. So, I had a nice talk with them both. Interrupted their lunch, actually! Back road, South Baymouth, loads of monarchs. Tara turned the aquarium into a terrarium, has loads of butterflies on the go again this year! And I think this is a bumper crop year, all around, yesterday was busy. Spent the late afternoon at Susan and Simon’s, a family get together, about 25 of us, I think. So nice to open their home. Tory and the great-grands, Desmond and Declan (baby Derek and Mom stayed home in Ottawa). Susan’s grands Sean and Brandon and she’s getting more grands by osmosis perhaps. Lots of young folk in the yard. I didn’t know Rick! The food of course was fabulous! Always is!

I stopped at the hall on my way home. Islanders playing, extra singers Judy, always great, and Morley. A full floor of dancers. They even played a Heel and Toe! Next music dance, August 6 to 24, 7 pm Ray’s Uncle Bruce was supposed to be the Island for a visit. Turns out Ray went west with his Mom as his aunt passed away suddenly. Sympathy to Marg Reckahn and the family.

Our sermon today was joy and humour in our lives. Certainly, helps life go smoother, eh!

On Friday a good lot of folk took in the Market at the Hall. A lot of socializing, coffee drinking, donut and muffin snackings at the music centre area.

Thursday euchre, K.P., Jeneen and Norma, 12 full tables: first, Marilyn Vanhorn and Myra, 86; second, Brad and Bill, 80 and eight lone hands; third, Dorothy Cronic and I, 76; fourth, Dennis and Don, 72; low, tied, Simon and Marg, Pat and John, 45; door prize, Joel, Bethany’s son.

I dropped in one morning for a few minutes to see Audrie Williamson, who is doing fine. Had a great visit with her daughter-in-law, Sharon, before the one with Audrie. Jim is all over the place with his bicycle, even takes him to South Baymouth most days!

The St. Andrews by the Sea annual music and BBQ, now held in Budd Park, had a good turnout, it seemed. Loreta, Gary and Christy were the cookers. I got the last hot dog. I should write a song? Speaking of songs, Judy Blue has M.C’d this event for 13 years. The Islanders volunteer their time every year for this. Guest singers, Debbie Robinson, Morley Runnalls, yours truly and Judy herself. An amazing bag piper entertained during the break. Connected to Marian McKinnon/Gilmore?