Tehkummah Talk & Times

  A couple of Fridays ago a lady stopped in at Market Day, Dawn Monahan? Was travelling (I think), can’t read my own notes, with Gloria Monkhouse. She had gone to teachers’ college with Alberta Maguire.

Friday, July market Barb came through with her brother Bill Smeltzer, his wife Noella and their daughter Heather. Was on the Island for a few days. (Bill was one of the “hang out kids”.)

Nancy and Dale Sagle walked through too with their granddaughter. Their family (annual) reunion had been at Ed and Shirley’s the week before.

Lloyd and Lois Thomas have just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary, if all reports are true. Congratulations.

Happy birthday, daughter, August 6. Happy birthday, Liz this past week.

Roll out the? I stepped on a can in the garden, fell kind of on the grass barely shy of the stone edged fire pit. As usual assessed all moveable (ouch) parts. Luckily my shoes came off. Nobody home of course. I kicked my shoes; my yellow ankle socks were grey, and my feet matched? (Ashes). 

Sticky flies already? And a re-hatch of blackflies and skeeties too. Lucky us!

I’ve been thinking about not seeing eagles, and this morning saw one soaring near South Baymouth. I was going to sit out early and thought I might grow more by osmosis. Hope it works for the plants though. Instead I went to South Baymouth and watched the Chi-Cheemaun sail away. (re fertilizer) Stopped at the Garden Shed, Frankie says they don’t open now until 11:30 am, weekdays.

Yesterday I gave myself a day of recovery. I ache all the time anyway, so it’s hard to tell if the fall did any damage. I do have a sore shoulder?

So, I went to Mindemoya to replenish my medications. Met Evelyn Santos and said let’s go for a coffee (to the ever busy Grill and Chill). We sat in back until Jennifer found us a table. Hurray! We just got served when Derek, Jodi, Tory, Tristian, Desmond and Declan came in. So after Evelyn and I got our visit and lunch, I moved over to visit with family. Tory and my two great-grands were going to Tavis and Alicia’s for supper in Gore Bay.

When my grands were small, and I kept them a lot in the summer, we all had t-shirts, mine read ‘Grandma of’ ‘The terrible TS’, the kids, Tory, Tara, Tristen and Tavis. We had adventures! Said hello to Helen Oswald there too! She was getting checked out (hearing etc.) and was with Bertha and Lori O. 

Hey, Wednesday. I just read last week’s epic, what a pen!

Today, high hand, Ted, 24; first, Sandra and Doris, 968, perfect hand; second, Cal and Keith, 957; third, Dorothy and Joy, 932; Ted and Ruth almost made it, 931; low, I was playing single, 795; door, Peggy, Donna, Dorothy C.; plus three t-shirts, Rita, Ruth McG. and wooden heart! Thanks Sissy. Great lunch, eight tables and thank you all so much!

Sandfield euchre winners, July 24: ladies’ Laurene, 81; men’s, Bill Mntg., 80; lone hands, Ruth McD., 5; 9’s, Irene Montgomery, $10; 50/50, Eva Bond; my taxi, Betty Jean.

Busy Thursday, July 25. Baked a cake to take to Sunsite later with cool whip and strawberry sauce; went for supper, BBQ, in foil potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage and pork chops at the building site. Colleen and John too joined the Halls, Derek, Jodi, Tristen, Tory, Desmond and Declan. Short visit for me. Hurry home to help with bid euchre. Marg Case is injured, wrist and ankle on opposite sides. So Betty Jean, Donna Corbett and I kind of helped her out.

Bid euchre winners: Pat Novak, 210; Barb Forth, 197; John Novak, 196; low, Dave James; two moons, Brad and Hugh; Pat Novak, 50/50.

After market today I went to Manitowaning with Betty Jean for euchre, they had eight tables. My partner was John (Denise’s son-in-law/ or son?) from Timmins. A nice young fellow. So great to see Lina Holmes walk through to greet us all. She is doing her battle with cancer! I’ve forgotten the winner but I did win the 50/50 yay.

Sherry called after her work, I too hadn’t been home long. She was on her own, so we had supper at Carol’s and Earl’s. Valerie was getting take out for her mom too. I “bumped” into her.

A nice couple from the States, Michigan, seems awfully interested in our lovely island, and Earl’s juke box.

This day all started with a quick “crispy cake” and making the market in a half an hour. Sometimes I amaze me! Had my coffee and doughnut there and took my pills when I got home.

Al Ryan is making wonderful tops and today whizzers? Lots of folk going through, fresh produce, lots now. Visiting active in the music area. Melody brought people to enjoy. Met a lovely lady from Bailey Line Road who reads me. I’m always finding new fans/friends. Met Alice Ogden’s husband Mike a few minutes later. Met my next-door neighbours too! One I rarely see, across the road and two doors down. Hugs.

The days have been full and long. Mary Yett just brought some lovely tall hollyhocks for a bouquet I shared with Tara and some lovely fresh garden produce. She was tired out. I had just got home from Sunsite and was out inspecting Tara’s garden and admiring the beautiful blooms in the Basswood tree. Seemed to have a few bees around it. When did it get that big? Someone had been working in the garden too. Tory, Desmond and Declan are going home Monday. There were a whole lot of family there and the guitar music and the singing were continuing. Skylar and Tristen last night joined by Lori at Sherry and Dave’s (and Rick). So, then a sing-a-long around the campfire of the old camp songs. Trying to remember the words that was fun for all of us (I think). After a BBQ too. Tara got to join us today as she missed out on joining Saturday night, working late! Sherry put together on amazing meal for the crew, roast beef and pork, smoked salmon, potatoes, veggies, lots of extra bites and even made a cheesecake she must have worked non-stop. As we didn’t get home from Little Current till almost three Tavis and Alicia made this one too, I think 14 of us. So good! I had met Sherry at Slash Road corner and she drove to the memorial to Kay Gordon’s life held at Island Funeral Home. Wendy Payne spoke on the heritage, what lives on. Family and friends added their memories. A wonderful lunch was provided (sounded like Sue did most of this.) There was so much, and I didn’t even see all the desserts? (Not that I needed any after the feast.) I didn’t know the younger generation, only Jennifer.

My Sunday started with outside sitting. Fresh after the rain! I was visiting with Tara, didn’t want to stop. Five minutes to get ready for church in South Baymouth. I was late but not by much. What a wonderful sermon, glad I didn’t miss it. Not a car did I meet, but I did see a hawk hightailing it with two little birds after it. Life is full of sadness and tragedy and heartaches!

We met at Carol’s and Earl’s after church.

Global warming, yes or no. I remember? Certainly, something is getting our bugs, our bees, our bats, our birds, but butterflies? Tara has released four and has two more monarchs ready. I drove Lakeshore Road home, counted six. There were a few at Sunsite #39.

May we all find time this week to be grateful for the blessings we encounter and our family and friends!.

Hey, Casey Bowerman walked by with Grandma Ruth. Janice and Paul, Honora Bay (Rick Burton’s aunt!) Nola Haner. Selling tickets for Sea Cadets, Amy’s son Benjamin.

This week I had a “fan” say don’t quit writing! One says I read your column first, so I apologize for the “epic like columns.” Lately, I need to stay home I think and do other stuff?

Question of the week: Why do people go out to dinner to talk on their phones?

Jean Brown wrote this out a few weeks back. Rev. Jean of Sharbot Lake at the market! Daughter of the late Duff and Marion Brown, Mindemoya.

Her great nephews Isaac (age 3) and little Duffy (3 months) also visiting.