Tehkummah Talk and Times

Wednesday morning I borrowed Cal’s oven and made a cake for cribbage. This was the last game for this year, and until further notice, two and a half tables.

Thank you so much to all who spent time with us Wednesday afternoons, so much fun. High hand, Mom 24; First, Gib and Florence, 926; Second, Eugene and Dorothy, 903; Third, Mom and Mary, 897; Tied for last; Lori and Margaret, Cal and I, 868; Door, Mary; chocolate draw, Dorothy.

On Tuesday we had our annual Christmas get-together. Lorna and Robert opened their beautiful home for this event and we thank them so much for the hospitality and extra work involved. It was potluck style and quite a few couldn’t make it. We had our meeting and gift exchange after our dinner. Lynda and Martin, Audrie, Mom, Reta, Joan, Bev, Cal and I; the guys go upstairs and visit during our meeting time.

My gosh I’m tired, still weak I think from the “bug.” Yesterday (Friday) I travelled to Sudbury with my daughter. Sherry had a car appointment at Palladino Honda. We left here at seven, an absolutely beautiful sunrise, water like glass and perfect sky colours, terrific roads. The scenery was just as great coming home. Palladino’s have chauffeur service. A nice gentleman named Richard Paul entertained as he drove us to the mall, then cheerily returned for us at one thirty. We checked Walmart out pretty well and had lunch at McDonalds (all sorts of cute kids there, even twins) and after picking up her car we went to the Dollar Store. Before we got inside I got a hug from Amanda (Joan Arnolds’ grand-daughter), didn’t know her married name, such a pretty girl.

Also at the mall Marie (Sloss) spoke to me, I thought she looked familiar (Spring Bay). She gave me an almost identical compliment re. column and singing as Alice Monkhouse (from Little Current) when I met her at Giant Tiger in Espanola. We had delish Chinese food supper at Golden Dragon.

It must have been almost nine (??) before I got my shopping unloaded, a beautiful pink shaded Poinsettia from Sherry, an added bonus to our day. Thank goodness for shopping carts to lean on!! I find the bigger stores overwhelm me, there is just too much to see, and the overhead lighting bothers, probably because my place is too dark?!

It has been a busy week; Thursday we celebrated Triangle Club Sr. birthday party at the Hall. Joan Beard had a couple of contests; I had a couple, and a few jokes. Then we all sang Christmas carols from the Sr. Song Book (some words don’t match!) The special honourees, Mom and Audrie, 98, Vivian is celebrating her 91st this week, she also had her family, John, Barb, Mary, Jim, (Andy), Paul came late, nice to see them all. Almost thirty at the party; besides Vivian, Audrie, Mom, Margaret, John, Barb and myself were well photographed. Missing: Cal, and Corrine will celebrate her 27th. A good lunch was served and of course birthday cake with the Happy Birthday song. (I think Mary made the cake.)

We just nicely got home from that event when it was time to go to the Crystal Shawanda show at Debaj theatre in Manitowaning. Sherry and Dave picked me up at Cal’s to shorten their travel time.

That girl sure can sing; she and hubby guitarist, Dewayne, have a great line of patter during the show. I don’t know how she can foot stomp in those “shoes.” I’m still singing “Faraway Places,” but I like some her bluesy stuff too! (New CD!) (Dewayne looked like he was gonna cry??) Great show! I met a young star in her own right, a Special Olympian named Kelsey, nice smile!

I just heard that Diane recently lost her mom (to cancer) and Harvey lost his dad, sympathy to all the family. Jean McLennon broke her leg. Get well soon.

“I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart, down in my heart to stay.” Our message at Fairview today was on “joy.” Nice to see Rosie and Quillan today. A full table at Carol’s and Earl’s (looking elfish!); Christmas decorations galore, looked good! Martin, Lynda, Joan, Borden, Pauline, Wayne, Bert, Elaine, Susan, Simon, Mom and I, we even got a free Christmas cookie. Afterwards Mom and I took in the School House Museum’s Annual Carol Sing. They gave a thank you to Loretta Mucha for the SBCD’s support in endeavours over the year. Jane Dyell was given a gift and a thank you as well as Terry Hill for his assistance; refreshments and desserts after. Jan Carsgallen’s excellent keyboard stylings as we sang many Christmas carols. Prize draws Barb Flaherty, basket of toys; Hannah, gingerbread house; Betty Russell, Charlie Brown Christmas tree and votive, Loretta Mucha, candle. I won (3rd ticket?) Amaryllis. Thank you all for a nice afternoon!

Saturday we missed the Red Hat Christmas at Knox, but had to save room for the Triangle Club members and guests Christmas dinner, catered by Denise and her workers. What a delicious meal and Christmas pudding (yummy) for dessert, cookies and squares. Cal and I went to Gib and Florence’s in Mindemoya to wish Gib a happy birthday (Monday 15th). We had a few games of cribbage; thanks to Florence’s good hands and pegging, she and I won four of five. A cup of coffee and good date square before the visit was over.

(Last Monday, Dec. 8) My first time over the Manitou River Bridge since it opened, can you believe it? Finally got strength enough to head to Mindemoya to do some laundry. I beat (ha) Mom a couple of games of cribbage before I headed up (she’d been missing me??). I had a bowl of soup at the Roosterant and sat next to a table where four cousins were having a Christmas exchange and their monthly get together. Sounded like fun! Joan, Margaret, Jeneen and Julia even do a Tobermory date in the summertime.

I saw Joyce’s scars, hadn’t even been aware of her surgery. Lucky girl, amazing what they can do eh? It was after dark before I headed home, a drive down “candy cane lane.” It is an eye stopper!

Hello long distance Jean, Bev, my “fans,” Colleen!