Tehkummah Talk & Times


Remember when….

We did not need advice

About washing hands

Or staying inside.

Keeping a distance

Like six feet or so

From friends and family

Don’t pet family’s pride.

Store shelves were full

And suspicions were few

And lots of cars on the


While we didn’t have

To plan what to do.

For we all carried our


Of scheduled events

We did on and on

We hardly considered

our price

But all of a sudden

There is lots on our


Besides soap and water

And government’s


Oh, they find Earth 


And that’s no surprise

As it and ourselves

Learn to breathe

To take a step back

And reassess life.

And maybe rethink

What we need

The “bug” instills fear

Of that there’s no doubt

But it’s allowed us to

Consider our pace.

But maybe just thinking

About after it’s gone

It will have opened the


Of the whole human race.

Oh, some are still work-

ing hard

Fighting the cause

Or giving their life to the


But kindness is showing

While some use this pause

To reassess life

And the way we go.

Remember when…

April 14, 2020

—Pat Hall

Day 43: Be careful driving the Tenth as the goose is doing his guarding again at the Blue Jay Creek and he is not cautious. Not friendly either, according to Lori and Lorie. The walkers on Monday, obviously, “no trespassing.” Lisa and pup, Lynn and Linda, all out enjoying the weather. Tara and I both got attacked by mosquitos on Sunday. The joy of summer!

Carol’s and Earl’s Restaurant is changing to four days a week, 11 am to 7 pm Thursday to Sunday, starting May 7.

I hear there was a long line up of drive-throughs to salute Eileen Leeson on her birthday on Monday, April 27. Way to go!

Day 44: A shower before April is gone! I got thinking about our churches this morning. I’m missing the Sunday services. I’m sure the churches are missing us and our support too.

The bluebird of happiness lives somewhere near Pauline’s front porch.

Thanks Lorna for bringing in Martin’s sermons.

When you’re not out and about you forget about stuff and I had forgotten to wish Wendy Payne happiness in her move to her new church (near Paris I think).

Day 45: Day 100 in America (north), April 29, 2020.

Rain, we got finally, and my bones are paying the price.

A phone call from Joan this morning to tell me that Don Arnold had passed away. He was 97. A funeral service, she says, Saturday with 10 family members only. That’s the sadness of dying in the COVID-19 times. But commonsense prevails? Thinking of you all with love and sympathy. Do take care.

The rain took the TV, so it’s book reading.

Last week it was Erica Spinder’s ‘Bone Cold.’ Laurene had given me the book and I left it until? But it wasn’t as scary as it sounded and it sure was good!

Linda McNaughton phoned, she sounded cheerful. Like me, she is looking out through rain-washed windows. It’s not quite 5 pm but is it ever dark already. A phone call from Judy Blue later. She had helped Bob Calbrack with his birthday. She said he got lots of Facebook wishes.

Day 46: All my bones are making crunching noises today. Call from Derek this morning. They are sprucing up their house for selling. 

A long phone chat with Sissy Pat. She says Don has the garden ready to go and it sounds like they may have a bit of cabin fever? Anyway, good to hear her voice.

Sherry calls daily. She has been playing good Samaritan with help, of course.

I just made homemade tomato soup, my style! It has got to be the best! This is one time I don’t mind bragging, of course, it was Mum’s recipe.

Bad, sad news on the TV.

I see by the Expositor obits that Yvonne Sellen passed away. She was a nice lady and had quite the battle with cancer over the years too. Sympathy to friends and family.

Day 47: Sunrise and warm! I sat out early with my coffee and I had cream for it today.

A bit of a visit with Brenda Robinson. I always enjoy our chats. This was outside the post office.

More sitting outside Bobbi Jo. Bless her heart, gave me the first ice cream of summer and a short visit at the outside benches, though she didn’t sit. Then a nice chat with Lisa (my neighbour). I found out she is an astrologer. Also, one thing I had tried in my life (what haven’t I tried?).

The hills (or trees) are alive with the sound of music. The golden daffodils are providing colour and the grass is greener (on my side). A lovely day! 

A lovely surprise, cousin Donna phoned this afternoon. We don’t talk often this way, usually see her at the restaurant, but not lately right. She’s always cheery sounding.

A day full of surprises, a knock on the door woke me and a lovely meal of bites, treats and lasagna. Bobbi Jo back again smiling, left me smiling and a full tummy. Thanks and yum!

I have had “plant kindness” cut out for almost two weeks. Will I get it up in the window for Monday!

I got a nice note from Nora in Sarnia, that was a surprise too. She filled me in on some happenings.

I got a Christmas card from Mollie with some words scratched out and changed.

A card from Helen on the answering machine!

Day 48: A phone call from the birthday girl. I should have sung to her, but she could be a critic? Ordinarily I would give her a hug! Bless you Lori.

I wanted to do outside stuff but my old legs were tired. I did the laundromat early this morning and needed coin as the dispensers were dry. A nice gentleman cashed a $20 bill for me. Otherwise, I would have had to reverse the trip?

I ate a whole side of whitefish for my breakfast! I really needed something different to eat! It was worth every penny! But I upset my cup of coffee and had to start all over again. There’s an awful lot of liquid in a full cup and it bounced too! 

Sis Susan called, no news is good news which is pretty well everybody’s life story these days. Cabin fever everyone?

Day 49: The second stem on the Amaryllis is in bloom this morning.

I woke up singing “Storms Never Last.” Of course, that made me think of Bob Eadie and my Mom (Mom always got Bob to sing this song).

Do you know it’s going to be bunny rabbit kind of a year! They are so cute!

I’m always out of pages or out of pens, that’s the most annoying. I need to write while the thought is hot and no ink. I need a pen fairy.

Kudos this week to my neighbours across the street Susan and Ross, since this virus has attacked. So, thank you, you two are on the good neighbour of the week/month/time list. Many people have gratitude for your commitment to this community (and Island). Well, the goodies keep rolling in. A delish rhubarb cake from Lorna. Cal brought vegetables and chicken. But, I had my supper at the seaside while watching for the Chi-Cheemaun, ha, but it was scenic and restful. So, I had a one-woman picnic of chicken fingers and fries and saw that family life looks hopeful. Swallows flitting over the water while pairs of loons, ducks and geese floated on the water. 

I put my hummingbird feeder out this morning Lori told me the Orioles were her, so…

Remember to accept the things we cannot change, change only what we can.

God bless.