Tehkummah Talk & Times

Monday, Day 85: This has been a very good day. The News from the Mouth newsletter came today, produced by S.B.C.D.A. I have saved every one and have them in a binder. The historical value is amazing. This edition’s focus is lighthouse history and the extra photographs are amazing. Thank you so much!

I was reading this issue when Bobbi Jo drove into the yard bearing food! Delish salad plates and the most flavourful turkey in gravy. I called Cal after I had eaten (I still have half for tomorrow) and he was still smacking his lips, raving over the good cook! We are lucking out! Thanks so much.

It was a nice afternoon, cool overnight, cloudy this morning and I hear there was a good rainfall in Little Current this morning. We are dry! And good things come in threes, right? So I had a nice phone call from my grandson Kris in Canmore (Atlanta). And I even got dressed before noon? But, I was late faxing my news out.

Day 86: Hot early in the morning. I burned mosquito chasers and filled flower pots. Dug a couple of the volunteer tomato plants out of Tara’s garden for the pots. Need some flowers now. Something special for the hummingbirds. 

Pump out day. Vance said he had just recently started back to work. He had his grandson with him and showed me on his phone the birdhouses (candy store) that they were making, neat! The well that sits in my yard, Vance made for me after Seward passed away (coming up 20 years August 1). I sold Vance his wood lathe at that time.

Lilac and yellow goldfinches, swallowtails, monarchs and flowers. The scene from my chair.

A trip to South Baymouth this afternoon, three of the Brown brothers were at the store! The first I have been inside since my incarceration!

Everybody is missing the bingos and the card playing. Someday soon? But, so far, I have saved $400 by not playing the games and I didn’t count any extras like coffee and draws and extra events.

Day 87: I’m laughing, I just got woken up (noon), out of a good sleep too, by a girl who said if you’re lying your computer will be blocked? I told her very nicely that I didn’t own a computer!

I was up early and off to Mindemoya to do laundry this morning. Ginger was there too. She’s such a nice girl. I went to the drugstore and Foodland. The other Tara checked me through. Pieces of trees and evidence of larger were on the road. I thought of driving to South Baymouth to look at the waves or see if the big canoe had chanced the crossing, wild wind gusts were shaking the van even in the sheltered areas. Our Tara was heading to work, she had been called in. Late call from Mollie. Speaking to Kim and Kathy later in the day, not much news there. Thunderstorms.

Day 88: What a drop in temperature overnight from tropical to winter and windier maybe? I look out and see upside down lawn chairs at 5:30 am. The silly cat wanted out, I had to let her in during the night, she was facing down some sort of a creature. She’s 17 (I think) in November and she’s like me, not so steady on her feet. So, our fighting days are over.

Cal said he and Eugene drove to South Baymouth yesterday, couldn’t see a thing for fog and no one on the street.

You can’t change history by defacing statues. Everyone is offended, and everyone is right. I was wrong once!

“Whoever wishes to become great among you, must be your servant.” MARK 10:43

I stopped in at Kick Ass Cookhouse on my way home from Manitowaning (in for blood work). Got a chicken wrap, did me two meals, good.

They’re small, but determined, get smacked around by the branches and hold their place in the wind. What amazing creatures and they do love those lilacs. It’s too bad they don’t last, I’m talking about the swallowtail butterfly.

Susan has been working on creating, she’s quite crafty? Lots of pretty flowers in pots. A bunny in the yard eating clover.

I was invited for supper, a delicious turkey dinner. The works and strawberry rhubarb crisp. Her bestie friend Chris got to enjoy the meal too. Her pre-birthday cook up!

Talking to Cal after I got home, he says it’s Jeff Pyette’s birthday today. Happy birthday! 

A letter from Myrna, she finally got a paper card from Leah and Ava, Sis Peg and a fuzzy card, two in a row?

Lorna was in earlier delivering stuff. She got a surprise Christmas gift?

I’m pretty tired today. About supper time I popped in or should I say rushed (ha!) to wish Susan Happy Birthday. I sang to her earlier (she says all our voices are the same). They were having supper, expecting son and family later this evening. Darned cold and still windy.

Thanks for the cake tester Darlene, the creator. Thanks Pat, for the fuzzy cute card.

When I go for a drive I feel like I have missed spring, in a way, as I see so many roadside changes. Like the yellow lady slippers (they’re small this year), the butter cups and my favourite roadside daisies. I was interested to read of Judith Jones’ article on garlic mustard. About three years ago I found a plant or two in my backyard. Unbelievable this year how thick they are, but easy to pull. But I’ll have to get back at it, they mature quickly and I don’t have the energy or strength any more. 

Day 91: Made muffins and impossible pies this morning. Forgot the P.B, but I guess they’re impossible custards. They still made a crust. After a long afternoon nap, I took Susan’s “birthday pie” to her and got a cup of tea.

Mickey and her family were there Friday overnight. Paula and Brandon were at Jeff’s Saturday and Paula stayed overnight with her mom, but had to head back to Ottawa for work today.

Simon was heading in to South Baymouth where I hear the ferry is now making three trips daily.

Roadside trefoil today and singing the “New Mown Hay on Manitoulin” as the Anstice first cut is down. Looks pretty in all its rows, a nice deer was in there on Friday night!

Sherry saw a very baby deer track in the camp mud and also a big bear track. She said they had a wonderful visit with Tavis and Alisha on Saturday evening. Hi kids! Susan tells me Steve and Gail Martin were at the camp.

Sympathy to the Mandigo family in the loss of Calvin who grew up here in Tehkummah. Sympathy also to the family and friends of Betty Wickendon, a devoted to community lady (for many)!

“A friend loves at all times, and kinsfolk are born to share adversity.” Proverbs 17-17

Keep smiling!

Hi Joan, hello Eileen!