Tehkummah Talk & Times

Well here we are, on Let’s Talk Day Wednesday, January 25. I’m so glad today that people talk. What used to be catalogued as “bad nerves.” Most everyone has had the hopeless corner syndrome. If one hasn’t, I think you should consider yourself exceptionally lucky. Good mental as well as physical health to all!

Well, too, I guess most of you are aware of the famous cat Ivy, who made Women’s World magazine last week. It sold out locally, so I drove to Wiky to find one for Mum and me. A nice recognition and story. Don’t we appreciate pets, Ivy’s next door neighbour, Riley, is an exceptionally intelligent cat, and last evening I had a step-dancing cat in my house (I’m still laughing). Marble must have been washing herself and somehow got a piece of sticky envelope stuck to her foot. (I do live in an unusual house.)

We had eight tables for cribbage today, and thank you all for the great lunch treats and selections. Always fun and always room for more! Dorothy brought some cards, pegs and boards, and Lois family donated her crib board and cards to the cause. So thanks so much. Wednesday at 1:30 pm: high hands, Audrie and Bert, 21; first, Lina and Noreen, 939; second, Donna and Audrie, 938; third, Georgina and Buck, 934; low, Betty Jean and Bill, 844; door prize, Jean, Doris, Bill McGregor.

I was only out a day on Ray’s birthday; it was the 26th!

Cal and I went in and had a piece of birthday cake after we had attended Lois Arnold’s wake at the hall. Seemed to be a lot of folk paying their respects. They had some beautiful photo board displays from the years from courtship to grandkids: reflections of life.

I made squares, a total flop! Went to the funeral for Lois. The eulogy was so great, service, songs, lunch after was served by the Triangle Club Seniors. The music was lovely.

A few, five actually, games of cribbage with Mum found me going home smiling today.

Susan calls-want to play cards? What a silly question! She and Simon picked Mum and me up, and off to Pauline and Wayne’s. A couple of games of Tiki (I think Wayne and Simon were winners. I was bookkeeper and I’ve forgotten already.) We had a nice visit, admired their new flooring. They even had a pet mosquito flying around in the kitchen (must be spring?)

Laurene called in for a short visit on Saturday, and she has been doing some winning at cards. I was going to go on Friday, but spent too long visiting after the funeral luncheon.

It was nice to see Karen, the first I had seen her since her dad Ted Bowerman had passed. She travelled alone from Elliot Lake.

I hope all are doing their R.A.K.s. There is always a way to do something nice!

Sunday thought:

Do a deed of simple kindness

Though its end you may not see.

It will reach like widening ripples

Down a long eternity.


The sermon was on unusual heroes. South Baymouth St. Andrews had their annual meeting after the service.

Susan, Simon, Joan, Borden, Pauline, Wayne met for lunch after church. Hey I won all three games!(not by much though).

Hello Coleen, Jean, Darlene, your note is on the way?!

Get well soon Reg Lesson, Dot and Andy, Pat and Jeneen and Reuban. I should have just done a general get well everyone. Take care, all the best to my Little Current friends!