Tehkummah Talk and Times

December 11, Dorothy was the big winner at Bingo, going home with well over $100. Getting stocked up for her trip.

Tuesday, December 12, a snowy blowy day. One good thing, no traffic all the way to Mindemoya, not one car. Had a kind of an interesting day: got my heart and all thoroughly checked out, pulled little sticky black things off my body just now while getting ready for bed! I had the nicest doctors a wheelchair ride for free (I think). Made myself “Sketti” for supper, supposed to help me sleep.

Bill and Betty Jean were at supper at Carol and Earl’s on the 17th with Bill’s hockey playing grandson Aiden. He plays a good game, so I understand and is a defenceman on his team.

Is it really Christmas?

I guess I knocked a little wedge cushion out of Gib’s car when he let me out at home roadside, if you find it!

Well, our cribbage tournaments are done for this year, and won’t resume until January 3, 2018 weather hopefully permitting. The sun? Swinging back again, I’d like to say a huge thank you to all our players. We do have a great bunch, and a good time.

To the folks who provide lunch  some delicious grateful thanks and to the clean-up crew too, who help me out so much. Today, too we celebrated the December birthdays, one third of our group qualified and it was Graham’s actual date. Cal’s, 1st; Janet’s, Laura 09; Bill McG, 27; Gib’s, 15; me, 31. I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

High hand, Graham, 20; first, Brad and Dorothy, 949; second, Bill and Ruth McG, 947; third, Margaret and Lorrie, 922; low, Cal and I, 867; door, Donna, Glenn, Bill McG. Have a happy holiday season folks!

I do believe that Lyle Dewar “believes” in paying it forward! He told me today he is in hospital. Had visited Betty Lentir and Doug Heis. May we all have a paying-it-forward Christmas and an even longer arm of kindness in 2018.

Today I tried to walk out with Susan’s boots. She had just fed me croissant. Top of stove toasted with melted cheese, delish, and kept me warm. Darned old hydro, see what they do when our eyes are closed? She phoned me, woke me up. I wondered why the phone at my ear didn’t work. I guess they work! Anyway, I dressed quickly, I might add, and hightailed it to a warm house. (My cats were wearing their fur coats, so I didn’t worry.)

Came home, turned around, and went to Bid Euchre, the last until January 4, 2018. The winners today were: high, Janet, 257; second, Yogi, 221; third, tied, 220, Glenn and Laura; low, Josh, 90. Lots of prizes: Glenn, door prize; men’s prize, Dave James; ladies’, me; special prize, John Novak.  Marg thanked everyone for making Bid Euchre a success and then they fed us pizza, Caesar salad, jello salad, baked beans, some great desserts and punch, and gave out goodie bags just like Santa.

Words on paper can shout loudly. “Listen” and so, a very Merry Christmas to you and a healthy Happy New Year to all as well.

Hey, my pen was froze up!

It can’t be good when you wake up shivering under the blankets? Can it?

Cal did tell me the Gilberts (his neighbours) were up for “black powder” season, and too, that Brianna got her deer, in regular hunting season.

My most gorgeous design is fading from my window panes. I was so admiring the starts, frills, ferns and flair.  What a wonderful designer is Jack Frost.

A phone morning, I love to hear from my friend Helen Oswald. She got a Christmas basket delivered while we spoke from the Triangle Club Santas, Daisy and Robert Moise, then a chatty conversation with Mike Erskine, concerning Bid Euchre and other interesting topics.

Here it is 10 pm Friday night and I’m in bed writing. Seem to do that a lot, then for some reason…

Just came from the loveliest Christmas Concert sponsored and organized by the wonderful Michael’s Bay organization. It was just about a perfect length for the young folk, who wanted to see Santa. Me too! He’s the nicest guy.

The emcee coordinator and musician, Ben Lentir, welcomed all and opened the show with “Little Toy Trains.”

Kaitlyn, all the way from Sudbury, sings with much feeling. A beautiful job of “Beautiful Star of Bethlehen,” and in a lower range, Silver Bells and many more. Robbie Shawana too. White Christmas and a Blue one too, also dedicated a Johnny Rodrigues Riding My Thumb To Mexico in memory to the life of Glen McDougall.

Plus the one Carol in Native Ojibwe that I’ve also heard Crystal Shawanda sing. “Here Comes Santa Claus” was sung with much enthusiasm and he came jingling bells with Mrs. Santa at his side. All the kiddies who sat on Santa’s lap got a bag of goodies so I sat on his lap too. I forgot to tell him what I wanted.  Well maybe he reads my news! Santa, I want peace and kindness to spread around the world, OK? A big thank you goes out this year for Merdick Mc in providing all the gifts and helping out Santa this year from his 2nd Time Around shop in Providence Bay.

I saw him at the hospital on Tuesday and he had a bad cold (I think). Hope you are feeling better. I had a nice chat with Jean McLennan this evening at the concert. Keep smiling! Ben Lentir’s birthday, 9th. Pauline had her ladies after-Christmas get together today as well.

I found my kitchen table, then lost it almost immediately. Covered with cards, as yet unused. Mum had a lotoso I’m sorting into categories, and trying to find envelopes for some.

2 am, just finished a feed of potato pancakes with applesauce. (Had no sour cream). Woke up starving and realized I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and so…. It was good! Now we’ll see if I go back to sleep.

Lord, my knees ache, might be from some of the “Con-far-mations” trying to sleep three in a bed! Those cats, I hate to disturb them.

Saturday, Cal popped in for a coffee and snacks, but as soon as he left I tried too, and my car wouldn’t start, so, had to get Tara to take me to Pauline’s, where there was a fashion show of sorts, Sherry and Susan too, trying some of Mum’s clothes, she had lots. Remember when we only had one good outfit and a couple of play/work clothes? My, how things have changed! Pauline fed us a delicious lunch when we got together. Ray gave my van a boost this Sunday AM. Sure is cold these days. Christmas Eve day service at Tehkummah Fairview, Sunday, 11:30 am regular time. Was treated to my lunch at Carol and Earl’s by Martin and Lynda today, thanks!

I guess while you are travelling down memory lane you might as well hit all the stops. Today, Dave and Ray put loose insulation up in my attic. But boxes of memories came down. Sherry’s school projects. The three Halls figure skating outfits. Remember all the sewing! And Christmas cards, the first one I picked up was from Bonnie, Zella, Carrie and Michael, Russell, Mary and boys, one to Sherry from Janet. I gave Gib and Cal their family cards back. These were on the top, hard to say what I will find yet! 1971 date on one. After supper at Carol’s and Earl’s (they are closed now till January 6, 2018). We played cards at Cal’s until? It’s 11:30 as I write .Hey the girls won, 8 of 10, I see lights over at the new neighbours, the little red roof house Andre has been working night and day to get the place ready for his dad, who just returned from overseas. There’s even a new septic system just in, fresh on Friday. Welcome to downtown Tehkummah!