Tehkummah Talk and Times Feb 26

Thank you Darlene (Young, from Brechin) for the cute button and bow heart—you’re a very crafty person!! (Many admirers of it.)

A poor little raccoon in the lilac tree looks near starved to death. Then I saw (was it the same one?) a little raider of the bird feeders around the corner. Cute little faces, those critters. Ever since I had one as a pet, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for them! Did you know they purr just like a cat?

The little fox visits often at Cal’s. Milo had quite an interest in it, as did the fox for Milo. Cole had supper with us last evening, Cal made good pork chops (in the oven). In the day he picked me up and we went to lunch at Queen Street General. A lot of couples were celebrating Valentine’s there as well. Sherry brought us a package of heart cupcakes, and me a nice bouquet of flowers. Nice daughter eh! (Last weekend’s news.)

I even got a thank you card for sending a thank you card this week! Thanks again. We almost got to have supper with Rick and Kathleen on Monday night at Carol’s and Earl’s. They stayed open for Family Day and were quite busy, a lot of people coming to see the ice caves! Be careful, that could be a mite dangerous! (People going through, snowmachines lost.)

Seems everyday we hear of someone else who is ailing. Vivian and Ken have had hospital “visits”? I hear Ameal and Cathy have been down with a bug of some kind. Get well soon. Barry is home.

On Tuesday afternoon I hitched a ride with Lori and Rick up to the visitation for Blaine Baxter. We were saddened to hear of Blaine’s death. (His growing up years in Tehkummah and South Baymouth.) Saw many of the family there, some I hadn’t seen in for quite some time. It was kind of like old home week, (if you know what I mean). In the meantime there are children and grandchildren galore, and many hugs from family and friends. Beatrice and her sisters have the most beautiful smiles. Had a lovely little visit with Nola. Most all the families had graced my snack bar in earlier years. Why I even remember the Hallowe’en Peggy lost her shoe! Jerry Baxter introduced me to his wife Blanche and claimed he had often been at the snack bar too. I knew he looked familiar! Marjorie (Wilson) too! Anne says she doesn’t sing publicly any more. What a voice! I sat for a while with Ellen Cooper and Jim Still. Had a nice visit with them. I knew his face but Ellen had to remind me who she was. The roads were good that day for travelling.

I missed the birthday party at the hall. I hear Mary Johnston had the best poetry. Congratulations! Mum had a prize sitting on her table too!

I see lights on at Arnold Lougheed’s place. Must be feeling better. I was talking to Patti, Mike and their youngsters on Sunday evening at Carol’s and Earl’s. We were there and sat with Gib and Florence. Later we played cribbage. The girls the big winners! In the afternoon I beat Mum three of five. We won’t talk about Friday though!

Brian McCarthy had been having rock problems, and was in the hospital a day.

Sympathy to Margaret who lost her sister on February 13 after a tremendous fight with cancer. (By the way, are rocks and stones the same?)

I went with Cal to Sudbury on Thursday for his appointment. We were late getting back so I missed Bible study at Pat Novak’s. We had lunch at Margaret’s daughter’s restaurant in the mall. Is it called Rusty’s?

The weather got bad but four and a half tables of brave souls came for euchre. I was on KP duty. Margaret worked the board. Dorothy was my partner. First, Margaret and Mary Ann, 91; second, John and Pat, 73; third, Graham and Sheila, 72; low, Sharlene and Janice, 53; lone hands, Margaret and Mary Ann, 8; 50/50, Cole Bowerman.

Cole helped Cal get his snowblower back in operation, then got to try it out to see how it worked!

We went to Lori and Rick’s for Sequence on Friday evening. The “girls” coming out the winners!

After church just Susan, Simon, Mum and I went for lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s.

Our Red Hat outing was canceled on Friday afternoon due to the weather. Speaking of, is anyone out there suffering from cabin fever? There must be a lot of it going around. I know my cats definitely have it! Is winter without end?

Arthur has been calling on me a lot lately. He’s the worst one of the “Ritis” brothers!

There are so many beautiful birds at the feeder this winter!

Pauline and Wayne are doing Christmas in Sudbury this weekend!