Tehkummah Talk and Times Nov 27

Today it’s good to see the sun and the stillness gives our minds a rest from the fury of the storm. I see a big tree down in the backyard. I think the wind took the leaves, but left us somebody else’s!

Once again we lucked out, only a 15/16 hour span without hydro? Luckier than some. It’s very exhausting. Pauline took me to the camp to retrieve my van, but we had to walk in a little ways. A nice big tree down! Kim had got a one-antlered deer (a nice four points on the half). The two young game wardens called in at the camp while we were there and they kindly moved the tree from the road, so that was a big help.

I didn’t tell you last week about my “fall.” When I was putting outside stuff away I caught my toe, unbalanced and over backwards I fell. Hurt my dignity. I lay there looking up wondering if I was severely injured, just a bruise or two, and stretched neck muscles. Lucky I guess? (locked my car keys in too!)

I guess Terry Gordon is pinned, plated and casted? I heard he had broken his leg in three places. Heal up soon.

Has the little fox ever got beautiful. I guess she has her winter coat on. The white ruff is so dramatic. She’s (I think it’s a she) so sweet how she waits to see what we throw out for snacks. Very dainty animal, the way they eat!

At cribbage there were 4 1/2 tables. High, Margaret, 24; first, Cal and I, 940; second, Mary and Jean, 916; third, Bert and Joy, 914; low, Gib and Florence, 829; door, Mary J. There was lots of good lunch items—sandwiches, deli sandwich subs, cake, cupcakes, cheese and crackers. Lots of good food for Bible Study too. Thanks everyone!

That darn North wind has been fighting with my front door entrance for a couple of weeks it seems. It doesn’t want to let it close at all! What a little white gift from heaven this Saturday morning. And all that freezy stuff yesterday froze my car door shut. I do not like winter already!

Well only three teams, all local folk, on Friday evening’s Trivia Night. As always a great lot of fun. Thank God for Lori and Rick on our team of Mum, Cal and I. We did okay (84.5). “Tehkummah Treasures” is our team logo. Team tied with us was (can’t recall their team name) was Burt, Elaine, Bev, Richard and Lynda (84.5). But the top dogs were the “No Nothings” (which actually turned out to be wrong) with 87 points. Kathy and Terry and Pat and John. What a lot of fun, and thank you Martin once again for all the work getting this together! It wasn’t the greatest night, missed the Manitowaning teams.

On Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment. Friday morning I drove into camp just in time to say goodbye to Kim, Kris, Bryan and Hank. They were just ready to pull out (a nine hour trip home, I hear). Steve started out later and turned back and stayed with his Mom and Dad because of the road closure. Was an awful day, started snowing while I had a nice visit with Sherry back there. She was alone until later in the day. Stopped and played cards with Cal.

Hey! Mum dealt me four fives yesterday and turned up a Queen for a nice little 28 hand of cribbage.

Talking to Elaine this Monday morning. She was up to Little Current to check on her newest grandson; over 10 lbs. a nice start for Leighton Dwight who was born on Friday, November 22. Congratulations Chrissy and Chris and all the brothers and sister! Congratulations all families! Elaine already showed us pictures after church.

I didn’t tell you that grandson Kris got a 13-point buck on Wednesday. Tara won the Big Buck lottery slot. He also had a full-face bear smile on his trail camera, incisors too!

Nancy and George visited with mom and dad, Lois and Don Arnold. George, I think was hunting. David Sibbery, my next door neighbour, said he had a great hunting season and got his deer too! Nice to say hello to the little boys who aren’t so little anymore (as I recall). Hello Marguerite.

Euchre tournament, Tehkummah, 10 tables, fun crowd! Bev and Richard on K.P. Top winners, Margaret Cranston and Mary Anne, 90 points; second, Harold and Audrie, 88; third, Betty Jean and Lloyd, 84; fourth, Pat Norton and Betty, 81; men’s lone hands, Mary Anne; ladies’ lone hands, Margaret; low, 32, Dot and Irene.

The funeral service for Hugh Little was at the Tehkummah Fairview Church on Saturday. A few great eulogies from nephews Dave, Ronnie, and friend Don. Elaine was the organist, and Jeff Pyette did the tribute in song: Moving on, The Gambler, Annie’s Song. Martin always does such a nice tribute. The Triangle Club had a most delicious luncheon at the hall after the burial of the ashes in Hilly Grove “Where the water flows, the wind blows and the grass grows!”

Pauline had Anita, Samantha and Alicia visit last weekend. Susan and Simon had Brooke (granddaughter) with them at Church. Jeff was doing a bit of hunting on the weekend.

Don’t miss the Christmas Fair at the Tehkummah Triangle Hall coming up on December 7.

No Bible study this Thursday, November 18! Gold Buyer! Bring your treasure if you’ve got any?

This is also our “Red Hat” weekend event!

On Sunday Corrine, Mum and I went down to the South Baymouth Church. The cross outside is just beautiful, Reg! Sure was warm inside too, today. No Carol’s and Earl’s open so I brought Mum and Corrine straight home for once! I think Corrine and Rob are going home tomorrow (Monday) weather permitting. Though down London way a big storm I hear. Mum fed me some snacks. We each won a game, then Lori joined us and Mum beat us a couple of games of cribbage. Now I’m trying to catch up on this week’s events!

Happy birthday Monday to Mum, Barb Bowerman, Liz Stillwaugh, Carol Smith 24th (I think).

Shirley Anne, thinking of you!