Tehummah Talk and Times

By Pat Hall

The weeks slide by in columns, don’t they? I don’t know where the time goes. This was a busy day, starting with a morning phone call from Helen Oswald. Then over to the coffee time. Specialty cherry cheesecake to go with it, compliments of Joan. Barb Flaherty gave a talk on our monarch butterflies and placing some “way stations” here on the Island for us. Just don’t destroy the milkweed and that surely will help. Tara has been rescuing the larvae for years after the roadside mowings and then releasing them as adult butterflies. A couple of years back they were really scarce, but she released last year over 20, if I remember right. 

We had six and a half tables for cribbage this afternoon with old friends and new joining us: two high hands of 24, Gib Pyette and Bill Case; first, Bill and Ruth McGregor, 956; second, Donna and Hugh, 944; third, Gib and Florence, 940; low, John and Glenda, 813. I thought we were going for low today (we met people who picked on us too!); door, Pat H., Rick and Gib. Not only prizes, but pieses too, Bill C., Lori, Dorothy C. and Yogi. Sissy donated them. Thank you to all who help in any way. We will have cribbage on the 15th, but none the following week (22nd). No birthday party on the third Tuesday (21st) either. 

But early or not, it was almost too much for this old girl. I woke long enough to go to the hall to find I had missed the meeting, but time for coffee and cake. A short visit with Betty Jean and more rest and naps, all day!

I heard that the humming birds arrived on the seventh everywhere! 

I should have heard a baby crying when the wind blew from the east, since around Good Friday, there has been a new little neighbour girl at Anstice farm, a new sister for Emily. Congratulations all.

I hear Madonna has her art on display at Debajehmujig, in Manitowaning, sounds good. I know it is good!

Friday at Carol’s and Earl’s Skylar and Ray joined me. I watched the ferry, think 33 pieces off and 17 on. Cool though!

Popped into Brown’s store for a minute, Gary and Robert on duty.

Thursday regular euchre, I called Tara to fill a table, Dorothy C. in charge: men’s high, Simon, 77; men’s lone hands, Brian, 4; men’s low, John Novak, 57; ladies’ high, Marg C., 72; ladies’ lone hands, I won on a cut with 1?; ladies’ low, Tara, 52; door prize, Brian.

Loretta, her daughter Patti (who I ignored) was sitting with her back to me and I didn’t realize until they were on their way home how rude I had been! They were dining with Jeanette too.

Here it is late Sunday afternoon, Sherry just dropped me off. After church we went to the new Garden Shed restaurant. They’ve done a lot of work inside to pretty it, and warm it up. We shared a panini, it was good. I took in my bouquet of daffodils. They had done double duty, at Fairview Church first!

Our Sr. U.C.W. gave out petunias to the mothers at church. Saw lots of mommas out and about today. Robert and Daisy Moise, I thanked them as they had the hall yard already picked up. Of the many oak branches winter had shared! My yard here, it was birch branches.

Ray and Skylar are off fishing today. Hank is on the Island at camp for a couple weeks. I ran into him at H.H. on Saturday then there was the story of the missing fish. We did find it and in the meantime, Sherry had taken Jodi to the plane to head to BC. Rainbow George has sold his greenhouses, so he informs me. Properties are selling, things are changing. I stopped for a little visit with Susan on Saturday. Their yard looks so un-mini-zoo. It feels sad, but Scatter was still checking the woodpile for weasels.

Lots of hungry birds in our yard this week. Still haven’t seen a hummingbird but the syrup is going down?

The whole way to Mindemoya, not a bit of wildlife to be seen. On my way home, one bunny, one crow, three robins and across from Don Hall’s, two deer. The deer seem to be scarce, yes? Jodi got home safely, a call from the long-distance kids! Have a good week.