We must remember a more peaceful, respectful time

To the Expositor:

What has happened to our values we have been taught by our Creator?

It is of utmost importance to act now. Let us remember a time of peace when our children were obedient and respectful towards their parents and grandparents.

I am appalled and devastated by the destruction of our young people being destroyed by drugs. Everyday a mother is dreading that knock or door bell or phone call requesting her presence at the hospital. We all dread the call, “your son is in ICU,” indicating that he will not make it. At such heartbreaking and shocking news, you tell yourself it is a dream and when I wake up I say, “thank you God, it was just a dream.” But reality finds you numb and beyond yourself.

The love and prayers of family is a blessing and helps you through this journey. I remind myself I am not alone. Having to come to terms with apathy and rejection is deplorable.

My son lived with his brother for years on a reserve, but they would not accept him because he was not from that specific area. We contacted the reserve where he was a member and they had the gall to say, “we cannot help because he does not live here.” So I ask, where do we belong? We are all First Nations and discriminating against our own people is denying our own people’s sense of belonging and help.

Bernadette (Corbiere) Nahmiwan