Events like Country Fest help to increase commerce in Little Current

To the Expositor:

We could not help but respond to the appeal from Patrica Scriver in the letter to the editor May 4 (“Private function uses and abuses Low Island Park, page 5). In it she says, “I would like to hear from specific businesses that benefit from the event,” referring to Manitoulin Country Fest.

All events that take place in Little Current seem to be well organized, well advertised and most often well attended. Country Fest is definitely all of these. This event and many others all contribute to attracting visitors and Islanders alike to this town.

Of course businesses increase their commerce during such events. Because Country Fest is being targeted, it is important to point out that this particular event is one of the busiest and it adds one more bustling weekend to our very short season.

The effort that local service clubs make, improvements the town makes and every venue that “not-for-profit organizations” participate in or organize helps businesses survive. We then can contribute, donate to and support the many requests we get.

They are all a good thing and we should welcome, encourage and support them all.

Keep up the good work. We in turn will do our best to provide services and goods to help make Little Current a good place to come to; in short a destination, not just a place to pass through.


Anchor Inn Hotel
Breakaway Sports
Bridgeway Motel
Doug’s Barber Shop
Dreamer’s Cove
Farquhar’s Dairy
GG’s Foodland
Green Acres Restaurant/Tent and Trailer Park
Hair and Nails 2000
Hair Trends and Tans
Highway 6 Service Centre
Island Carts and Catering
Ku Ku Hut
Loco Beanz Coffee House
Manitoulin Publishing Co. Ltd.
Needle Box
Old English Pantry
One Stop Island Pizza
Orr’s Value Mart
RONA L.C. Building Centre
The Rain Barrel
The Villager
Three Cows and a Cone
Water Street Bakery