What is it about new hydro poles that attracts woodpeckers?

To the Expositor:

What an amazing picture in the May 2 (page 3A) Expositor of the woodpecker looking out of that hole pecked into a hydro pole. While in South Baymouth last week, I couldn’t believe the enormous holes drilled all over the top 15 feet of brand new poles! Meantime, the old poles (shorter, not green pressure treated) were standing there the same as they’ve been for 20 years. Has anyone figured out the attraction these new poles have to woodpeckers?

Meantime, I had my woods selectively logged in the French River (Monetville) last summer and had some loads of red pine go out for hydro poles. Were they buggy? Are they (temporarily) holding up Manitoulin Hydro wires? Or is it the green colour of the poles? Hope that’s it!

Marg Schwartzentruber