What’s so great about 2017?

The carbon tax is another excuse to collect more from ordinary citizens

To the Expositor:

I was watching TV just before the new year and the Lieutenant Governor came on saying to celebrate Canada in the new year. Well there is definitely nothing to celebrate about Canada this new year because it just sucks that we have to struggle with our incomes, especially for people who are living on the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and even the social services are calling out to the government that these incomes need to be raised and Kathleen Wynne’s government is just ignoring this request by these social services agencies.

And then we have to deal with this carbon tax and everything is just going to go up. The cost of living will just sky rocket so they are telling us to celebrate this new year. What for?

With this carbon tax the government will have more money to start giving hand outs to their rich friends again and when it’s all gone they will come up with excuses to collect more money from ordinary citizens because this carbon tax money will just disappear again within the government because that’s usually the case with a government.

Ron Osawabine