Whitefish River First Nation Idle No More Protest

Birch Island–Whitefish River First Nation held a traffic slow down today on Highway 6 in front of the community centre from 9 am until noon. Other bands from the surrounding area and Manitoulin Island joined in the education campaign in support of the Idle No More protest.

Participants handed out pamphlets in support of the Idle No More protest to cars as they pasted through the peaceful crowd. Whitefish River First Nation Chief Shining Turtle was part of the demonstration, helping to hand out pamphlets and educated stopping motorists, as well as show them a copy of Bill C-45.

The pamphlets being handed discussed how everyone in Canada will be affect by Bill C-45, not just aboriginals, and encourages individuals to contact their MP regarding Stephen Harper and the bill.

The planned event included a round dance and protesters waving Canadian flags and sporting Idle No More signs.

The protest caused a slight traffic delay, but the group worked with the Ontario Provincial Police to ensure safety.