Why is Stephen Harper acting as salesman for Alberta oil?

To the Expositor:

We are given to understand that the price of one litre of gasoline is so high for many reasons, not the least of which is the law of supply and demand, depleting stocks of crude oil and other deceitful comments.

I need not expand on the reasons for my suggesting the word “deceitful.” That is a whole other subject and each of us can use our own examples.

I ask then, why is our globetrotting prime minister travelling the world to seek customers for our Canadian crude oil at our expense? If we have need of Prime Minister Harper to travel and be the highest paid salesman in the world, this does not indicate that crude oil is becoming a rare commodity. He is even in favour of piping bulk oil from Alberta the United States.

Secondly, if the prime minister feels a need to squander our money and his activities, using Canada as his own personal sandbox to play, validates in his own mind how important he is, here is a novel idea, how about the corporate giants who own the oil companies and benefit, not part, but all ensuing profits, pay for his travels?

The money saved could go to our health system, schools, and green initiatives and so on. It would probably go a long way to the taxpaying public and warm up to the corporate image.

I ask Carol Hughes, NDP member for Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, to at least suggest to the politicians who are at the feeding trough of taxpayer dollars, to consider this, not only fair, but equitable idea.

Once again, I repeat, a penny saved by the taxpayer is a government oversight!

Larry Killens

South Baymouth