Wind energy is not the answer

To the Expositor:

Climate change is all everybody is talking about. People are protesting about environmental damages, but the damages will keep happening unless people can change their ways and a lot of sacrificing has to be done, like parking their cars more often and letting go of their luxury lifestyles.

Switching to wind energy is not the answer because maintaining those windmills are going to cost more money, but who is going to foot the bill? Well we are because these people are just fooling you again as usual with their great ideas. It’s just more money for them but nothing for you because they do not know that mother nature can rejuvenate itself. It has the power to heal itself and trying to fix the environment through their ways its just to cost more damage to our environment.

Then there are millions of cars out there polluting the air we breathe and the environment because anything that burns fossil fuel will pollute and since they came up with the idea of making environmental friendly things have gotten worse because of what’s happening to our weather patterns. It’s just more expensive to maintain these so-called environmentally friendly cars.

Then there are the companies and mines that keep taking minerals out of our mother earth, but mother earth needs those minerals to stay healthy and without them, it will not.

Nobody can solve the problems we have today and one only can do that and that one is God, but God will intervene one of these days and will put a stop to all of this nonsense and foolishness.

Ron Osawabine


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