Wind turbines appeal is a declaration of the rights of nature

To the Expositor:

The wood is the fire, as a place moves in its rhythms and sounds.

Likewise, we can’t label this industrial energy project “green” if it destroys the ecosystem on which it stands, if it displaces the life around it, and disrupts the very fabric of nature.

The drone and noise pollution from turbines is enough of a threat to force Northland Power to regulate (though insufficiently) set-backs from human dwellings, and discuss impacts on human health. My question has always been: What about every other living thing on the mountain?

And why don’t we consider their interest, these creatures far more sensitive than we?

It is my belief that McLean’s Mountain belongs to the plants and animals who inhabit it. We have no right to pollute their mountain place, to destroy what it is, and take away the peace they have every right to.

We’re talking about one of the most quiet, pristine, and important places on the Island. And it is already spoken for; not by deeds, contracts or money, but by the living.

If you don’t already oppose the development of turbines on the mountain, do yourself a favour and actually take a walk there, if only now to see hired men tearing out the trees.

Jeff Brankley
Honora Bay