Wind turbines stop turning as faulty connection repaired

LITTLE CURRENT—The McLean’s Mountain wind turbines have come to a stop as a fault in the transmission cable is repaired.

“The fault took place last Wednesday night, June 4,” McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm Project Manager Paul Kaminiski told The Expositor. “We located the fault in the Manitoulin side of the cable (the submarine cable that crosses along the bottom of the North Channel).”

Mr. Kaminiski explained that thankfully the fault was not under the channel and that the excavation of the buried cable has begun and is expected to be completed by next week.

During this time the wind turbine lights are also not in operation, but Mr. Kaminiski said that NAV Canada was contacted following the fault and that a bulletin has been issued to all airports directing them to inform pilots of the outage and the location of the turbines.

The 24-turbine McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm was built by McLean’s Mountain Wind Limited Partnership (a joint project between Mnidoo Mnising Power General Partnership Inc. and Northland Power Inc.).