Without president, Snowdusters Snowmobile Club may dissolve

GORE BAY—If no one steps up to fill the position of president of the Manitoulin Snowdusters Snowmobile Club, the club members will be looking at dissolving.

Snowdusters club secretary-treasurer Kathy McDonald told the Recorder last week,  “at our annual general meeting in May no one stepped forward to be president (with past president Doran McVey having announced he was resigning). Without a full executive our club cannot operate.”

“So, if no one steps forward we will have to notify the OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs) that the club is dissolving and take the steps to dissolve the corporation and close the trails on the Island permanently,” explained Ms. McDonald. “The only other option we would have is to amalgamate with a neighbouring club,” noting there is none in the position currently to take the Snowdusters over.

“If no one does step forward to fill the  position of president at our June 27 meeting we will have to take  these steps (to dissolve the club),” said Ms. McDonald. She noted, “not enough people are coming forward to help the club and the club executive is getting tired of people complaining but not stepping up to the plate to help out.”

“Another problem is the restricted time we have to work on our trails on the Island,” continued Ms. McDonald. She said with hunting season on Manitoulin and other factors, there is only about a two-week period when the club can get signs up and trail work done. More help is needed to get this work completed as well.