Writer weighs in on Little Current dumpster controversy

“Me people” seem to have no respect

To the Expositor:

About your article ‘Little Current Dumpsters removed from town limits due to high level of misuse’ by Alicia McCutcheon, page 3, Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

Unfortunately, your article, ratified by CAO Dave Williamson, is timely, absolutely true, and very disappointing! It is descriptive of individuals and groups of people whom I refer to as “Me People.” Their wants, needs and actions take precedence over those of everyone else. Unfortunately, there are many “Me People” on our Island.

Back in the fall, my wife and I were going away for a few days, and we had one small bag of kitchen waste which we did not want to leave behind. We took the bag down to the bin by the pavilion near the marine service business and the market. Just as I went to drive in, a red, older model pickup truck passed me and pulled up to the bin with black garbage bags piled higher than the roof of the truck. An older male and a male youth got out and proceeded to toss the bags into the bin until it was full to overflowing, whereupon they threw the rest of the bags onto the ground, while looking at me with my one small bag. They got back into the truck, laughing at me, and drove away.

Now that the three bins have been removed, we see people throwing bags of trash into the private bins behind Guardian Pharmacy, Three Cows, Hilltop Shell and Elliott’s Restaurant. But unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there!

Every time I/we go out to the landfill, we see “Me People” blatantly abusing the bins there for recycling and household waste. They drive up to the bin closest to them, and throw everything into the same bin, regardless of how that bin/bins is labeled. Some even drive up the hill to the brush pile area and throw all of their waste on the ground up there!

Believe it or not, one day we were parked at Tim Hortons and a red minivan pulled up into a Handicap space, and an attractive young lady got out, opened the sliding door, took out two bags of trash, and threw them over the fence into the restaurant trash storage bin, then went into the store.

I could go on, but it would fill up too much valuable space in your excellent newspaper.

Do these “Me People” have no self-respect? What are they teaching their children? Are they so complacent with their own wants, needs and attitudes that you and us just don’t matter? It seems that way, but they want the same respect that the people who help others and make our town a better place in which to live deserve. Please, “Me People,” do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Robert Paxton
Little Current