A call to protest escalating hydro rates

The government is afraid to stand up for citizens

To the Expositor:

Hydro rates are going up by two cents a kilowatt and I believe they said that the rates will be doubled at off-peak hours and on weekends too. There is no more savings. That means citizens will be getting a nice big fat hydro bill and it’s because the government is just treating us like third-class citizens. We are just not worthy to be treated with dignity and it’s because they’re just listening to the Americans because the government is just a coward to defend us and to say no to the Americans. That’s why these protests do not work. Citizens need to start raising hell about these skyrocketing hydro bills and protest needs to get bigger. Take this protest to Queen’s Park and cause disruption to them. The government cannot put thousands of citizens in jail if they stand together in this protest. Even if they try, it would be a catastrophe for Hydro One. It has to be done simultaneously because with this technology we have today it could be used to our advantage. Even by telephones to set up the boycott to hydro bills. There is nothing these people can do because being afraid is not going to help. For me I would be willing to do this because I am so fed up with their dam greed. It’s time to bring them down.

Ronald Osawabine