Manitoulin Manor board explores seeking accreditation

Board narrows in on ideas for strategic plan

MANITOULIN—The Manitoulin Centennial Manor board of management is discussing pursuing accreditation as it narrows in on concepts for the facility’s new strategic plan.

The board met last week at the Manor to review and discuss the strategic plan report which had been prepared for the Manor after a consultant came in for a planning session with the board, Manor staff and residents.

Extendicare Regional Director Keith Clement was present for the meeting and walked the board through the strategic plan report.

Mr. Clement reiterated from the report that in the past the board had been heavily focussed on the home’s financial viability, which is still key, but now that the home’s finances are more in line the board should be shifting its focus on other elements such as quality of care and community relations.

The board agreed and discussed the suggestions in the strategic plan report such as reviewing resident/family concerns/resolutions, enhancing existing resident programs and services and reviewing resident council minutes.

The board also discussed at great length procuring accreditation and the benefits to the facility.

“I agree, accreditation is a great tool, but it is a big undertaking,” said board vice chair Pat McDonald.

“It isn’t something that a lot of municipal homes do,” explained Mr. Clement to the board, noting that it is a lengthy process. “But you would have Extendicare as a resource and being accredited tells others that you are at a particular level with your peers. However, it would take the commitment of the board and the home’s management.”

Staffing levels, staffing job satisfaction, continuing to explore the concept of increasing the home to a 120 bed home and improving technology for staff and residents were other topics the board discussed regarding the development of the Manor’s strategic plan.

The board concluded its special strategic planning meeting, agreeing to explore the concepts discussed in more detail at the board’s next meeting (Thursday, May 21 at 10 am) as well as procuring accreditation.