A familiar story of how to improve your inner wolf

To the Expositor:
Last summer, as I walked down Rabbit Island Road in Wiiwkemkoong on the way to my favourite fishing hole, I had an unexpected encounter with a very unordinary person.
The rough and unpaved road winds through a dark forest. perhaps because of its remoteness and distance from civilization, there is an abundance of wildlife. The woods are teeming with animals and birds. The Creator’s fingerprints are everywhere.  Foxes, deer, porcupines, squirrels, especially rabbits. I must be a genius in figuring out why this portion of the community is called Rabbit Island.
On this particular day I met a very old and unassuming man. An ancient warrior.  His dark eyes reflected a full life as well as a deep and somewhat unsettling arcane wisdom.
I felt compelled to speak to him and we sat on a fallen tree and talked for a brief time.
He told me about a time years ago when, in his boyhood days, he had travelled this same trail with his grandfather.
His granddad told him that all men are born with two wolves. One wolf is gentle, gracious, generous and charming. This wolf is kind-hearted and loving. He will attract beautiful people to you. For you he will open many doors.
The other wolf is vicious, cunning, calculating, unforgiving and dangerous.  When you are provoked, he readily comes to your defense with an acid tongue and attacks mercilessly, without hesitation.
‘Grandpa, which one should I feed?’ the boy asked his grandfather. He quickly replied, with certainty in his voice, ‘my beautiful child, I love you and the Creator loves you more than you will ever know.’
Your fellow man and his institutions will teach you to starve one of your allies. reject their controlling intentions.
Of all the creatures in this forest, you are the Creator’s crown. Do not refuse any of his gifts. Feed them both!
Tommy Lough