A message to those who ‘borrow’ other people’s bikes

To the Expositor:

I thought of a flowery introduction, however I would like to stick to the point of this letter. I noticed on the Wednesday after the Civic Holiday weekend that my bike had been “borrowed.” Someone likely approached my home to perhaps ask for a ride or help, but decided to help themselves to my bike.

My son and I have matching white bikes; thankfully his was left behind, likely too small for the borrower. Sadly, my bike is no longer at my home.

If you happen to be reading this and you know someone who knows of someone who may have stopped by my house and took my bike, it would be nice to have it returned. In fact, other people are missing bikes, too, and hopefully they can mysteriously re-appear as well. That would be real nice.


Sophie Jones, a mom who enjoys bike riding with her children

Little Current