A reconciliation anthem

So why don’t we all just get along

Let’s Get Along

The first settlers, they were an enduring bunch:

They had to fight for everything they had,

And many of them were hardworking farmers

And they didn’t do things on a hunch.

And let me tell you, they deserved everything they got

Because if natives kept living off the land,

Eventually, in time, there would be nothing left

Why? Because that’s where the farmers come in,

Because you have to farm the land,

To have anything left.


So come on people, let’s tell it the way it is:

Because people, are not perfect,

So, let’s tell it the way it is.

So why don’t we all just get along,

And let’s all get together and bury the past.

Because bringing us together will make us strong.

Because if we all do this, maybe then we’ll all last.

Why is it we all keep fighting all the time?

Because we all have to remember we are all God’s children.

And let’s not let the past keep haunting us all the time,

And let’s do this for our children and grandchildren

and great-grandchildren.


So why don’t we all just get along

And bringing together will make us strong

Because when is all this going to end?

Just look around us, people, the world’s coming to an end.

Lyman Corbiere