A reply to Georgina Toulouse’s words of thanks

Do not confuse popularity with infamy

To the Expositor:

Re: Words of thanks to Sheguiandah electors and Orville Aguonie (November 18, page 5).

I would be remiss if I did not reply to Georgina Thompson’s letter to the editor. Apparently, Georgina Thompson has popularity confused with infamy. After two years, the nightmare is finally over. With no council meetings, there is no one to ask questions and no opposition.

During the past two years, Georgina has given herself the titles of Interim Management, Deputy Chief, Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator and last but not least, Acting Chief. These were all made up titles to justify Ms. Thompson sucking up money from the band’s funds to pay her wages. Her term started with a lie and will end with a lie. The outgoing lie I am referring to is the fact that Georgina continues to try using the title of acting chief when Indigenous Affairs does not recognize such a title.

No, Georgina, there will be no feathers to stick in your cap. It’s common knowledge within the community that a meeting was held amongst four factions on the reserve. Each faction put forward a candidate that they wanted on council in exchange for each other’s vote. It worked two years ago (that’s how a man who was on welfare for ten years ended up as chief) and once again these groups of people tried to dominate the council. The only problem with that plan this time around was some of these people from the factions did not want Georgina Thompson back on council. Three of the four members of this council were not elected on their own merits. They didn’t need integrity because it had already been decided long before November 6 who was going to sit on council. Clarence Louie could have run for chief and wouldn’t have been elected. That’s reserve politics for you; the best person doesn’t always win. The INAC-imposed electoral system is broken and welcomes and enables corrupt practices to take place. Factions have discovered that by banding together, they can control the entire council. This has to change!

It should be quite interesting in the next couple of months when the books are thrown open to see where all the funds have gone. A forensic audit needs to done and if fraud has occurred, then those who defrauded our community should be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada. Actually, an entire organizational audit needs to be done on every single policy, program and employee. People also need to be educated on the roles of chief and councillors and that includes the new council.

Lastly, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all those that have supported me throughout the years. I am not going away; I fully intend to keep the council on its toes and will continue asking the hard questions.

Yours truly,

Orville Aguonie

Sheguiandah First Nation