Letters: A tale of two towns

Thanks to Hydro One we now have the ugliest and prettiest on the Island

To the Expositor:

I would like to take the time and opportunity to thank Hydro One for turning our town of M’Chigeeng into the ugliest town on Manitoulin Island. Now we have the ugliest and prettiest on the Island. Kagawong being the prettiest and now we have two towns that tourists from all over the world can come and see with M’Chigeeng being the ugliest. The town can sure use the money. It will help to fill all the hotels and motels that we don’t have. Maybe, Hydro One, you could build them for us too.

Let me tell you, Hydro One, I wish you would shove them ugly lines and poles you know where. Where the sun doesn’t shine. Hydro One, why didn’t you bury all that crap, whosever idea was it to do this to M’Chigeeng? How would you like all that in your back yard? Shame on you. Hydro One, come to think if it, wasn’t your head office in the prettiest town in Kagawong years ago? If I remember correctly, my mind is not as good as it used to be, hydro had the ugliest wooden big pipe running from the river of Kagawong down the hill. Now that was a pretty site? Is that just maybe what made the town of Kagawong the prettiest little village on Manitoulin Island? Come to think of it, these two towns are in the township of Billings. If you call this progress Hydro One, I sure don’t. So, Hydro One, we the people of M’Chigeeng, we thank you very much, will you please Facebook our town so maybe just maybe we will make some money too. Thanks for your time.

Lyman Corbiere

P.S. Hydro One, don’t forget to put big flower pots under every pole and don’t forget the flags on the lines. Saying thank you very much for destroying your town. Oh yes! Don’t forget the flashing lights on the lines to flash at night. That’s if you can afford the hydro.