Abolishing the Conservative Party of Canada will save taxpayers a lot of money

Politicians alway take the easy road and blame something else—never believe a word they say

To the Expositor:

Now that we have another majority government, Justin Trudeau will restore all the damage that Stephen Harper did to this country and repeal this Bill C-51 and also restore all mail delivery in this country. A lot of people lost their jobs because of this service being drastically cut and furthermore, the Conservative Party of Canada should be abolished altogether. If this happens, it would save taxpayers a lot of money—the less politicians we have the more money it will save.

These politicians need a lot of expenses to support their luxurious lifestyle when they’re not doing anything good for ordinary citizens.

Then we get this news from world health organization about the foods that we eat every day and how it causes cancer. What the heck are they trying to do? Kill another industry? Or are they just trying to play God or something? It’s kind of sickening to see this happening all the time and I wonder how many people will get caught up with this one or believing them.

The World Health Organization should turn its focus on the polluters in this world because we are always breathing in all that pollution and believe me—it probably causes cancer too so they should not be blindsided when it comes to pollution.

Politicians are always taking the easy road and blaming something else like they always do and for me, I never believe a word they are saying and just laugh it off. I feel sorry for people getting caught up in it because eating in moderation in anything is the key to good health—that’s what I do and it’s pretty good.

Ronald Osawabine