Additional deer tag seals available for Gordon/Barrie Island Township

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GORE BAY—Deer hunters are being alerted to the fact that additional hunting seals are available in both Gordon and Assiginack townships.

“As you will all remember there was a lot of discussion in the spring and previously about nuisance deer in the town, and that we (Gore Bay council) amended our bylaws to expand hunting potential,” said Gore Bay Mayor Ron Lane, at a Gore Bay council meeting Monday. “However, in discussion with the MNRF (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) they have also assisted in the issue, allowing a second game seal for several areas in Wildlife Management Unit 43B in Gore Bay, Gordon etc. and other locations as well.”

“The extra game seals were to be available for Gore Bay, Gordon etc. and all these are in addition to the regular hunt season game seals,” continued Mayor Lane. He explained for Gordon, 200 additional seals were made available by the MNRF, and 115 have been purchased thus far. “The MNRF would like hunters to know they are available, and more tags being taken, will potentially help us.” As for WMU 43B (all Manitoulin areas except for Dawson and Robinson), the MNRF issued 500 seals.

“It appears not only because of our own (town) bylaw, but the MNRF making more seals available, hunters will be able to harvest more than one deer,” said Mayor Lane. “And he (Wayne Selinger, MNRF biologist) wants to know if the farmers (Deer Removal Authorizations) are being utilized in Gore Bay.”

“This is all good news for us; 50 additional seals were made available and they have all been applied for,” said Mayor Lane.

Wayne Selinger, MNRF biologist explained in a email to the town dated September 10, 2018, “the table below shows status of the additional seals remaining as of September 9. Normally the bulk of the seals are picked up online or via phone-in system. That process occurred between July 11 and July 31 of this year.

For WMU 43B (Gore Bay and Barrie Island), a quota of 50 was provided for each, and all have been purchased, it was explained. However, for Gordon Township, a quota of 200 seals was provided with 115 seals having been issued thus far meaning there are 85 available, indicated Mr. Selinger. For Assiginack (the area of Bidwell) a quota of 200 seals were provided with 90 seals issued thus far, so there are 110 still available. And for 43B, an additional quota of 500 was provided for the rest of the Island (excluding Dawson and Robinson), with all seals having been issued.

“All 50 of the Gore Bay seals were purchased but there are still some of the Gordon township seals left,” wrote Mr. Selinger. “The remaining seals should be available for purchase at Service Ontario locations. Feel free to spread the word, only 85 remain for Gordon Township.”

Mr. Selinger added, “we have also received two maybe three applications for Deer Removal Authorizations from farmers in the Gore Bay area. We have either already processed them or are in the process of doing so. Not all applications are approved but I do not believe we have denied any so far.”