Alcohol use is our own personal responsibility

Writer wishes Split Rail brewers much success

To the Expositor:

While I can appreciate that alcohol and alcoholism can lead to serious issues in our society today, I certainly disagree that entrepreneurs on Manitoulin Island should be discouraged from starting an enterprise pertaining to the craft of beer production .

Right now I can walk into any liquor store on the Island and buy beer.

It’s my personal responsibility as to how I consume it, not somebody

else’s. And that is what it boils down too. Being responsible. Don’t drink and drive makes good sense to me.

I don’t know Andy Smith or Eleanor Charlton personally, but I do wish them success with this venture (Split Rail Brewery), as it will certainly draw more tourists to the Island, and also create more jobs locally if and when the project gets off the ground.

Kudos to LAMBAC for assisting entrepreneurs on Manitoulin Island and thus fulfilling their mandate.


Ray Khan