It’s always the most vulnerable and innocent who suffer government injustice

A lot of wisdom and knowledge comes from living simply

To the Expositor:

The things I see that the two levels of governments are doing to the citizens and it’s always the most vulnerable and innocent people who are being victimized by their injustices so that they can get more wealthy.

It’s over the lives of citizens and all injustices to what they are doing and I am usually opposed to what they are going to do because I know what harm it’s going to cause to the most vulnerable citizens and its the people who are struggling to make ends meet. It’s not really about helping people; the truth is they are just looking after their own wealth and luxury living lifestyles and, of course, their rich friends come first too. There is nothing left over for the ordinary citizen, they just want some more because we never seem to get the wealth ourselves that they incur from this.

The fact is, we are just getting poorer and it’s all due to their greed for wealth but one thing is for sure: God will judge them some day for this with all the injustices that they have done to people. Some people do not really believe that there is hell but we do not know that for sure but if there is one, then we should start to think about the consequences that we may have to face some day because God will judge the living and the dead because of all the injustices that we have done to each other. It is still happening today and usually it has to do with financial reasons, taking advantage of anybody because of mismanagement of finances and, for me, I never mismanaged my income because I live the simple life and a lot of self discipline and it’s will power. I notice that living this way, a lot of wisdom comes with it and knowledge and people still have a chance to change their ways because our days are numbered and counting down.

Ron Osawabine