Antler Bend 35-lot subdivision development project moves closer to reality


GORDON/BARRIE ISLAND—With the approval of two motions by Gordon/Barrie Island council at a meeting May 4, a major subdivision is getting closer to reality in the municipality.

“If everything goes well and we aren’t punching in a road and the start of its construction hasn’t started by mid-July, I’m going to be a little disappointed,” stated Haweater Dave Nadeau (who now lives in Hanmer), of the proposed 35-lot ‘Antler Bend’ subdivision he and his business partner Sandra Hollingsworth of Sault Ste. Marie are looking to develop. 

“Obviously they are trying to do everything right through the entire development process,” said Lee Hayden, reeve of Gordon/Barrie Island, after a council meeting with Mr. Nadeau. “We had a good discussion and it appears that things are going to work well.” 

“The good news is everything is moving forward,” said Mr. Nadeau. “Everything is progressing well, and the reeve and council mentioned how exciting this project is going to be for the municipality.”

At the meeting last week council passed two resolutions. One reads, “whereas council is in receipt of information and a request to stop up and close road allowances within a proposed plan of subdivision for Lots 26 and 27, Concession 7; Lot 26, Concession 8; and Lots 24 and 25 on Concession 8 in the Township of Barrie Island, Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island. And whereas council have reviewed the areas lost that would affect lot development if not stopped up and closed. Therefore, be it resolved that council supports the stop up and closing of those road allowances provided no issues arise with the public notice and meeting process. And further, that the proponent of the subdivision is aware the survey and registration costs are borne by the proponent.”

A second resolution was passed indicating that council is in receipt of an application for an Official Plan amendment for the subdivision, as well as an application for a zoning amendment to bylaw number 243; and whereas in a show of good faith, council proposed that one fee be received for the subject three parcels of land for the Official Plan amendment application and one fee for the zoning amendment application as opposed to three Official Plan and three zoning applications. And whereas council wishes to have full clarification that the proposed zoning amendment changes the zoning from rural to shoreline residential, which allows seasonal use, and does not want it inferred in any way that winter maintenance is done for the access to the proposed subdivision lots. And further, that the municipality would like to include in the subdivision agreement consideration of a percentage of each lot sold to go towards road maintenance. Therefore, be it resolved that the council of the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island have reviewed and supports the zoning amendment.”

Reeve Hayden noted, “all of this still has to go to the Manitoulin Planning Board, then the Official Plan subdivision application, and the municipality would have to consider approving it. And, there still has to be public meetings on the stop up and closure road application. However, we don’t foresee problems with all of this. This was on the back burner for a while, but is now moving forward,” he said.

“After discussion, council looked at two motions, one to stop up and close the road allowances and the other for the municipality endorse to allow shoreline development, which we approved,” said Reeve Hayden.

“There still has to be a public meeting and the municipality will be putting notification of this in the paper, and if everything goes well there then council can vote on the development,” said Mr. Nadeau.

Mr. Nadeau indicated previously the property he and his business partner (950 acres on the northwestern part of Barrie Island, by Goose Cap) have purchased and want to develop is property his grandfather had pastured cattle on, and property that his father has hunted on for 50 years.

Mr. Nadeau explained the development includes a 35-waterfront-lot estate subdivision for seasonal residential use, including five hunting lots that have already been sold. The lots are 1.0 to 2.25 hectares in size with a minimum 50-metre road frontage. It includes four blocks—environmental, groundwater recharge, road and parklands, 90-plus hectares of future hunting plots, and 5.6 hectares of parkland dedication.