As we face local municipal elections we can take a lesson from The Donald’s polarizing influence

To the Expositor:

To say that Donald Trump is a divisive character is the understatement of the century. He is either loved or hated by everyone with equal passion.

Thousands of mothers across America are grateful for him not starting any new wars from which their sons would be coming home in body bags. Others, like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, missile makers, are deeply saddened.

Many were in favour of his endorsement and use of the XL pipeline and its abundant energy. Others believe that windmills and solar panels are able to energize a country.

Some people are terribly angry about Trump surrounding himself with beautiful women and his perceived attitude towards them.

Others would gladly put down their rifles and stop chasing Bambi if Melania would invite them to Club Med for a week.

Many millions around the world are enamored of his warp speed experimental vaccine and rushed to get injected and protected. A few others are skeptical of instant science.

Some welcome his policy of national sovereignty.  Others are attracted to communist China’s protocols for governance.

Whatever your opinion of “The Donald” (Ivanka’s name for him), he has polarized everyone’s personal inclinations.

Now, one way or the other, we all must take a stand and decide. Choose wisely.

Tommy Lough