Assiginack Council Notes

Public meeting

A public meeting was held at the start of the regular meeting of Assiginack council on Tuesday, July 7 to hear comments on a proposed amendment to Bylaw 80-21, being a bylaw to regulate the use of land in the Town of Manitowaning. The purpose for the bylaw amendment is to rezone No. 166 Michael’s Bay Road (the property of Nancy and Grant Moggy) from general commercial to residential.

There were no oral submissions, in support of or against. The meeting was adjourned.

During the regular meeting of council, council moved to amend the zoning bylaw to make No. 166 Michael’s Bay Road a residential-zoned lot.

OverDrive in overdrive

While reviewing the May minutes of the Assiginack Public Library, Councillor Les Fields noted the large increase in OverDrive circulation. OverDrive allows patrons to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from the library’s digital collection. She explained that the increase is thanks to a teacher at Assiginack Public School showcasing the system to their students for use in school projects, and Ms. Fields thanked both the teacher and the librarian.

“Great!” exclaimed Reeve Paul Moffat.

Cheque register

Council passed accounts for payment in the amounts of $368,348, general, and $40,245.51, payroll.

Tender awarded

Council reviewed the three tenders received for winter sand and aggregates: Mike Varey Excavating, $55,977.94; Calvin Pearson and Sons Excavating, $53,510.02; and Don Eadie Construction, $55,031. The tender was awarded to Calvin Pearson and Sons Excavating.

Financial statements reviewed

Council reviewed the financial statements for the five months ending May 31, 2015, noting that all departments are on track with the budget.

Wedding request

Assiginack council received a letter from Genevieve Krasowski, bride-to-be, regarding her upcoming August 8 wedding. She explained that following her wedding on “the historic shores of Manitowaning,” the reception will be held at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre.

“I am requesting that the road space (Queen Street) between the two businesses (Debajehmujig Creation Centre and Muskie Widows Cafe) be barricaded and closed to vehicular traffic so that we can arrange to have an outdoor space for the dinner and entertainment,” the bride writes. “The road will be well lit with sodium lights provided by Matt (Bouchard of Muskie Widows). A cleanup crew will be available to remove all items at the close of the evening.”

“We wish to provide our out-of-town guests with an exceptional experience in Manitowaning,” Ms. Krasowski continues. “We have booked the local hotels and bed and breakfast venues. We are making every attempt to shop locally too.”

“I think it is a really well written request and I’m all for weddings in Assiginack, but shutting down two businesses in August is an issue,” CAO Alton Hobbs began the discussion.

The bride-to-be’s father Richard Krasowski was present at the meeting to answer any questions. One question asked was what was the time of the street closure. He responded that it was from 2 pm to 2 am.

Councillor Hugh Moggy said he was mainly concerned about the noise and the residents living nearby.

“It’s such a neat idea,” Councillor Fields said. “We knew that when Debaj put the theatre there, that there would be spillover on the street.”

Mr. Krasowski said it would be understandable to move the time of the closure from 5 pm to 2 am.

Councillor Moggy suggested petitioning the nearby residents as to their thoughts on the closure as he himself would certainly be against it if he were living nearby.

“What’s the difference between dances at the arena and the residents across the street?” Councillor Brenda Reid asked Councillor Moggy.

“We are taking a risk,” the CAO interjected. “I think it sets precedent and we may want to reconsider.”

Mr. Krasowski told council that Ontario Provincial Police officers have been hired as security for the event.

“I’m totally opposed to it,” Councillor Moggy said.

“I find it really upsetting that our downtown is (zoned) residential—I know it is, but…,” Councillor Reid added.

Reeve Paul Moffat ended the lengthy discussion by calling for a vote. Councillors Fields and Reid voted in favour of the street closure while Councillors Moggy and Case voted against. Reeve Moffat voted against, defeating the request.

Recycling rate

Council reviewed the new recyclables acceptance agreement from the City of Greater Sudbury. The new processing rate per tonne for Assiginack is $98.69.

Council approves draw

A submission was received from the Southeast Manitoulin Lions Club for a 50/50 draw to be held this Sunday, July 19 from 4 pm until 4:15 pm. Council approved the request.

Bylaw 15-20

Assiginack gave its third and final reading to Bylaw 15-20 to authorize the billing and collection of water and wastewater services for Manitowaning and Sunsite Estates.

Councillor Moggy requested that staff give quarterly reports on unpaid water and wastewater fines, as is done for taxes.

New beach a success

Councillor Fields commended the public works crew and events and project coordinator Jackie White for their work on the new and improved Manitowaning Bay beach. “It is such an inviting beach area,” she said. “It’s something I dreamed about for years and now it’s here.”

Reeve Moffat also thanked staff for a successful Canada Day beach party, which attracted over 100 people to the new beach area.