Assiginack Council Notes

Accounts for payment

At its November 17 meeting, council passed the following accounts for payment: general, $91,629.12 and payroll, $17,765.84.

Support for physician recruitment

Council passed a motion to give $3,000 to the Manitoulin Health Centre physician recruitment initiative in its 2016 budget.

Councillor Leslie Fields said she was pleased to see the MHC joining efforts with the North Shore.

“It’s promising to see they have recruited two new doctors,” added Councillor Hugh Moggy.

Tenders awarded

Council approved the sale of three items after tendering them. The first, a 2006 Ford F-250 4×4 diesel with 96” Arctic V-Plow, saw eight tenders. John Ham was awarded the truck with plow for his bid of $2,000.

The second item, a Comp-Air auto power air compressor was dealt with by the flip of a coin. Both Kerry Bowerman and Island Services (Brian Willoughby) each put forward a tender of $85.88. Heads was called which corresponded with Mr. Willoughby’s bid, who was then awarded the compressor.

The last item, a SM1 Zamboni, saw two tenders with Marc Hovingh with the top bid at $621.50.


Council passed Bylaw 15-32 to require the erection and maintenance of fences and gates around swimming pools and hot tubs.

“Will there be a fee?” Councillor Moggy asked.

“Yes,” CAO Alton Hobbs responded. “It will follow the normal fee schedule.”

“We will have to advertise it well,” Councillor Moggy added.

Council also passed Bylaw 15-33 to amend Bylaw 12-19 being a bylaw to establish and regulate fire and emergency services within the Township of Assiginack.

There was much discussion surrounding Bylaw 15-34 to amend the Township’s alcohol policy by deleting the following from A.10: “All drinks will be served in plastic or paper cups and all bottles and cans will be retained in bar area.”

This, the CAO explained, means that the municipality would allow for bottles on a one-year trial basis.

Mr. Hobbs explained that the change was due to concerns from the Lions Club regarding the possibility of illicit drugs being deviously added by another party to beer dispensed in plastic cups.

Councillor Fields said she was unsure as to how strong that rationale was with Councillor Moggy noting that cups were always used in the past.

Councillor Fields added that all liquor is served in a cup.

Council, as a whole, questioned why not cans over bottles.

“I’d rather be hit in the side of the head by a can than a bottle,” joked Councillor Bob Case.

“I just think you’re asking for trouble with bottles,” Councillor Brenda Reid added.

Council then made an amendment to the amendment for no bottles to be allowed.

Bylaw 15-35 was passed to establish a Strategic Planning Committee and to adopt terms of reference for the committee.

Mr. Hobbs explained that six people applied for the committee, but three of those applicants seemingly applied for something that wasn’t the strategic planning committee. Staff then decided to send those three applicants a copy of the terms of reference so everyone was on the same page. The three applicants were then invited to reapply after reading the terms of reference and given until the end of the month to do so.

Refugee assistance

Councillor Reid noted that Assiginack would soon be getting a refugee family and recalled that Assiginack had decided against support of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario refugee support program in favour of supporting local charities.

“Should one of us ask if there’s a way to help?” Councillor Reid asked.

Councillor Reid then volunteered to do so.

Mould at fire hall

Councillor Moggy asked staff to look into the mould at the fire hall, as this could be a “major expenditure.” It was explained that the engineer has been asked to look into it.

Councillor Paul Moffat said they needed to determine what was causing it.