Assiginack Council Notes

September 4

New airport runway discussed

Council discussed the new east/west runway currently in the works at the Manitoulin East Municipal Airport which is owned jointly by Assiginack and the Northeast Town.

Mayor Paul Moffatt explained that, currently, the airport is limited to the traffic it receives but having a ‘crosswind runway’ will change that.

Museum minutes

After acknowledging receipt of the July minutes of the Assiginack Museum Advisory Committee, committee member Councillor Hugh Moggy noted that it is getting increasingly harder to get quorum at the meetings, such as at the July meeting. Many of the new members were keen at the start, but have since stopped showing up, he said. It was suggested that the next council may want to advertise for new committee members.

Accounts for payment

Council approved the following accounts for payment: $220,145.57, general; payroll, $51,271.42.

Councillor Leslie Fields noted that a payment to JJ Pole Line for fixing one of the streetlights was nowadays an unusual expense since the municipality switched to LED lights.

Arena rental rates

A motion was introduced to raise the arena rates by two percent.

Councillor Fields raised the topic of the $50 holiday rate for students, saying she thinks it’s an idea worth keeping and “respectfully” asked that it be added back in.

CAO Alton Hobbs suggested tabling the motion and bringing it back to council. The motion was tabled.

Leask Bay Shores request

Council reviewed a request from the Leask Bay Shores residents, asking the municipality for a quote to see public works maintain the road, which is private, during the winter months.

Council did not entertain the idea, due to the lame duck period so close to the October election, and passed the following motion that “such a policy would have potential impacts on other areas of the community and future terms of council and should be reviewed as a ‘municipality wide’ policy position; now therefore that Assiginack council will not entertain requests regarding maintenance on private roads for the remainder of this term of council and will refer all such requests to the new council.”

Councillor Brenda Reid said she thought it was a good “blanket policy.”

“It has to be clear and a forever policy,” Councillor Moggy added.

“But by the same token, we don’t want to stop people from coming forward,” Mayor Moffatt said.

District Services Board resolution

Council reviewed a resolution from the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board regarding the Provincial Portable Housing Benefit and its one-size-fits-all approach to housing that does not work for Northern Ontario, especially for those in rural and remote communities.

“They need to listen because Northern Ontario is not southern Ontario,” commented Councillor Moggy.


Council passed Bylaw 18-28 to adopt procedures, applications and prescribe fees for original road allowance closures.

The fixed costs for road allowance closures are as follows: administration fee, $500; minimum deposit, $3,000; cost of land, 40 cents/square foot. Estimated costs are: advertising and circulation, $400; legal costs, $900; survey costs, (obtain estimate from Ontario Land Surveyors); cost to register title documents, $300.

The motion to adopt Bylaw 18-28 was carried.

August 7

Councillors’ Corner

Councillor Leslie Fields suggested council pen a letter to the Southeast Manitoulin Lions Club, congratulating them on a successful Summerfest weekend and for all their hard work on putting on the event.

Councillor Hugh Moggy noted that that there aren’t many Lions with Councillors Fields noting that they “pulled it off with class.”

Councillor Fields also commended the Manitoulin east Municipal Airport for another great Young Eagles Day.

On behalf of he and his wife Marilyn, Councillor Moggy thanked the council for a certificate marking the couple’s happy 60th anniversary.

Accounts for payment

Council approved the following accounts for payment: general, $296,453.41; and payroll, $49,163.89.

Application for consent

Council received notice of an application for consent from the Manitoulin Planning Board between William Donald Black and John and Mary Ann DeChastelain to provide for a right-of-way for access in favour of Part 1, Plan 31R-1641 (87 Queen’s Lane).

Council had no issues or concerns with the application for consent.

Signs/advertising policy

Council enacted its municipal election 2018 signs/advertising policy which outlines what those running for council can and cannot do, including: not using the Assiginack logo, not be allowed to advertise on municipal property, not be allowed to post signs on road allowances, not be allowed to advertise on MTO property without permission from the ministry. The candidates, similarly, cannot advertise on Hydro One, Bell Canada or other utility company poles. The Township is not responsible for vandalized signage and candidates must have their signs removed by October 31.

Municipal election compliance audit committee

The Township is seeking applications from interested community members to become part of a compliance audit committee for the term of December 1, 2018 to November 14, 2022.

“The purpose of this committee is to review applications which may be referred to the clerk or submitted to qualified electors who believe, on reasonable grounds, that a municipal election candidate or registered third party advertiser has contravened the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as amended, related to campaign finances.”

The main responsibilities of the committee will be to: review applications and decide whether the applications should be granted; if granted, to appoint an auditor to conduct a compliance audit; upon receipt of the report indicating a contravention, the committee may commence legal proceedings against the candidate or third party advertiser; or, upon receipt of the report indicating no contravention, the committee may take a finding as to whether there were reasonable grounds for the application.


Council passed Bylaw 18-25 to provide for a multi-year accessibility plan at its last meeting.

“The Township of Assiginack is committed to improving access and opportunities for people with disabilities,” the preamble states in part. “The accessibility policy outlines how the Township of Assiginack will achieve compliance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulations and our ongoing commitment to the independence and inclusion of people with disabilities.”

“I think it is a good policy; it pretty well covers everything,” said Councillor Moggy.

Council also passed Bylaw 18-26 to authorize amendments to Bylaw 99-03, the Building Official’s Code of Conduct Policy.

“The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to promote appropriate standards of behaviour and enforcement actions and to ensure building officials apply standards of honesty and integrity and to prevent practices constituting an abuse of power including unethical or illegal practices,” the policy statement reads.

Bylaw 18-27, to authorize an agreement with Meredith White for the encroachment of a building onto municipal property, was also passed, as is standard with encroachments on municipal property.