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In Canadian author David MacFarlane’s book, ‘The Danger Tree: Memory, War and the Search for a Family Past,’ the writer intertwines a story brimming with the critical happenings in Newfoundland and his maternal relatives family tree—from the dread of tuberculosis and a seal-hunt catastrophe to the debate over joining Canada and the horrors of the First World War. It is a mix of history and family heritage written with a combination of wit, observation, understanding and affection for the island of Newfoundland and its’ forbears—a rough hewn and illustrious history of the wonderful, spirited people who live there.

Are you ready for a makeover? Writer Gillian Bridge’s book, ‘Discovering Your Inner Sloth: Enjoy its Leisurely Dynamics and Banish Stress From Your Life and Relationships’ will introduce you to this amazing animal and show the reader how by following the sloth’s example we can learn to appreciate our lives more and worry less. This is a helpful, funny little book—it will definitely make you smile!

Canadian novelist Joy Fielding’s book, ‘Someone is Watching’ is a national bestseller and another in a long line of terrific stories by this talented writer. This story has a young, up-and-coming special investigator who is bold, bright and brainy. She takes on her duties fearlessly until she is viciously attacked and barely survives the incident. Her life changes radically—it will be up to her to rediscover her moxy and reclaim her life. This is a thriller at its best.

Gemma Radford is the centre of author Jude Deveraux’s book, ‘Heartwishes.’ Gemma is a historian who is looking forward to cataloguing the history of the Fraziers, a family with very old ties to the community. She finds herself falling for the oldest son as she sorts through the documents and stories of the family. The word and legend of the ‘Heartwish Stone’ keeps appearing and she wants to discover the details behind this Frazier family talisman—and whether it can be used for both good and evil. Deveraux is an excellent storyteller—well-versed in creating memorable characters and she always satisfies her readers with a blend of excitement, romance, mystery and suspense.

Young Adult Pick: ‘Fire World’ by Chris d’Lacey.

DVD Pick: ‘Walking Tall’ starring Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson, Ashley Scott and Johnny Knoxville. A returned veteran helps sort out a drug besieged small town—lots of action!

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