Assiginack offers decreased ice rates and free public skating this season


ASSIGINACK – In the interest of its citizens’ health, Assiginack council has taken action to ensure that use of the arena will be affordable for everyone this fall and winter.

Council passed a motion recently to lower the ice rental fee to $40 an hour for both private and user groups, and to offer free public skating all winter long.

“We recognize that hockey is going to be very challenging this season,” said Jackie White, Assiginack events co-ordinator, noting that minor hockey counts a great deal on the take from the door from spectators coming to cheer on their favourite hockey players. With that element missing this year, council decided to make it easier for groups to get out and get active.

Ms. White also said that Assiginack is looking to make the arena the community hub even more so this year and hopes that residents make use of the atrium and ice surface.

“I believe this is a positive step toward that,” she added.

Decades ago, local arenas were just that—central gathering places for communities across the Island. Ms. White said while this was before her time, she hopes to capture the feeling of those bygone days that are so lovingly recalled by the older generation. (But please take note: hanging from the rafters will no longer be permitted during hockey games!)

Currently in its atrium, Assiginack is offering dance classes, Threads Club (a learn-to-sew club for kids offered by Ms. White) and kickboxing.

“We want to keep the community active, mentally and physically,” she added. “We’re really lucky to have such an awesome council.”

Assiginack’s ice will be ready for rent on November 1. 

To book ice time, please call 705-859-3219 or email