Assiginack Public Library Feature

‘Sub: Real Life on Board with the Hidden Heroes of the Royal Navy’s Silent Service’ by author Danny Danziger is an informative and fascinating read. Danziger was given unique personal contact and access aboard a British submarine. He experienced firsthand the day-to-day operations, special maneuvers, stealth in the deeps and had hours of conversation with members of this exclusive undersea boat crew. This book chronicles the author’s journey and introduces us to the character of the ‘unsung’ people who roam the oceans keeping us safe.

Melissa Fung is a reporter for CBC and she has covered many subjects both national and international. ‘Under an Afghan Sky’ by Fung is the shocking true story of her abduction and life as a hostage of the Taliban in Afghanistan. This story is intensely effective and vividly written—an amazingly candid account that demonstrates a real will to survive.

A Shogun in 16th century Japan loses his only child and then passes the title of heir to his formerly unknown illegitimate son, but things are not what they seem. One of the young men at the Shogun’s court tries to figure out what is going on as different parties set on gaining power and influence attempt to shut down his investigations. ‘The Shogun’s Daughter’ by Laura Joh Rowland is an intricately complex and beautifully written tale from a time long past.

‘Inherit the Dead’ is a thriller that has been created through a unique storytelling method. Each of the book’s 20 chapters is written by a different crime writer.

The story features Private Investigator Perry Christo—once a police officer, he was relieved from duty over corruption allegations. When a rich socialite offers him big money to find her missing daughter, Christo gets deeply involved in the case. The clues begin to weave and whirl as it becomes obvious that everyone concerned is covering up and/or concealing the truth. This is a rare opportunity to sample and experience the writing skills and talents of so many terrific authors from the crime/mystery/thriller ranks.

Young Adult Pick: ‘Half Bad’ by Sally Green.

DVD Pick: ‘The Theory of Everything’ starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. The life story of renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking—superlative acting!

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