August 19 marks 80th anniversary of Dieppe Raid

The occasion should be marked with moments of silence

To the Expositor:

The 19th of August marks the date in 1942 when the Dieppe Raid took place, as the Allied Forces stormed that small town on the Coast of France.

Even though that is considered to be the day when the single greatest number of Canadian armed forces deaths and woundings were inflicted during the Second World War, little is ever said to mark the occasion.

Even if Canada will not mark this date as a National Day of Remembrance, surely we could at least observe several moments of silence to commemorate the loss of so many Canadian Heroes.

This whole story is very well told in the book ‘One Day in August,’ by David R. O’Keefe.

Our children need to know of this important event in Canadian history.

Mike Wilton
Dominion Bay