Baby Carl is Island’s 2023 New Year’s babe

Manitoulin’s New Year’s baby Carl Albrecht was born to parents Neil and Ruth Albrecht of Manitowaning on Sunday, January 8. The Albrechts, being Amish, declined to pose for a photo due to the strictures of their faith but agreed to allow Carl to be photographed. photo by Michael Erskine

MANITOWANING—A bouncing baby boy named Carl has come to join siblings Tyler and Travis in the Albrecht family. Manitowaning’s Neil and Ruth Albrecht’s youngest of three boys was the first baby to arrive on Manitoulin in 2023. The family lives close to Manitowaning.

“We would like to extend a special thank you to our midwife, Christine Therrien, for her excellent care over Carl’s birth and in the previous months,” said Mr. Albrecht, “and to Sheila Armstrong for supplying the rides we needed and helping with the boys.”

The Amish couple moved to Manitoulin around five years ago and settled on a farm a door down from Manitowaning Mill. Mr. Albrecht farms a few cattle and works construction. Carl’s grandparents, Reuben and Irene Zehr, stepped up to provide care for Carl’s siblings during the final days of the pregnancy and helped out with the household duties, for which the Albrechts also expressed their gratitude.

As well as “to everyone who helped in a kind way,” said Mr. Albrecht. “We appreciate all the support.”

Carl arrived happy and healthy at 6:34 am on Sunday, January 8 and weighed in at just over six pounds.