Bicycles no longer allowed on Gore Bay boardwalk

Along the boardwalk on Gore Bay’s waterfront, the Marina building (left) offers boater services and supplies and houses the rental operations of Canadian Yacht Charters. The ‘Purvis’ tug on the right has been fishing the North Channel and Georgian Bay for many years. photo by Isobel Harry

GORE BAY – Signs are going to be erected on the town boardwalk in Gore Bay indicating that bicycles are not allowed.

“This is a safety issue,” said Ron Lane, a member of the Gore Bay general government committee, at a meeting last week. “I have recently become aware firsthand that some people have decided that it was okay to ride bicycles on the boardwalk,” he said, noting the people he viewed riding bicycles are adults.

Mr. Lane explained, “for pedestrians, those people who use wheelchairs and walkers, it’s not safe for them when people are riding bicycles on the boardwalks. There needs to be signs posted letting people know that bicycles are not allowed on the boardwalk. There are no signs up now, but there should be.” 

“There used to be (no bicycle) signs on the boardwalk,” said Mayor Dan Osborne. 

“It’s a safety hazard,” said Mr. Lane. “No one should be riding a bicycle on the boardwalk.” He said signs need to be put up at each of the access entrance sites for the boardwalk.

The committee directed the town public works department to erect ‘no bicycles on boardwalk’ signs on the boardwalk.